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Pomade was my first hobby. It is a truly global industry, but is also a subjective one. What works for me, may not work for you and visa versa. It’s a hobby for me, but it’s a life for others. 

Some Background

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If someone said pomade to me I would automatically associate it with the movie Grease and the popular pompadour haircut of the era. The image above is of Danny Tjokrosetio a modern “greaser” who is prominent on Instagram and who is sporting a traditional pompadour which believe it or not is a popular style even today.

If that is your idea of what pomade is and the style it is associated with, then you are not wrong, but there is so much more to the word these days. Continue reading to find out about the modern resurgence in the 21st century. 

Perhaps one of the most well known users of the slick, greasy, oil based hair product is the King of Rock and Roll himself Mr Elvis Presley. He is known for using Royal Crown Pomade according to Larry Geller, his personal hairstylist. Prior to this he also used Dixie Peach in his teenage years. Pomade however has become so much more than the slick and shiny hair product we may know it for. 

Traditional Pomade In The Modern World

Pomade in this modern world of hair care could arguably be a culture rather than a hair product. Indeed there are many types of “pomade” which are mainly produced by small to medium companies known in the community as home brewers, or simply brewers. These guys traditionally make their products at home in garages, kitchens, cellars and anywhere else they can find to mix up their concoctions. 

Some of the smaller companies still do that, but the larger companies such as Shear Revival, Stickmore, Suavecito and arguably one of the most well-known companies in the game–Lockhart’s–have their products lab made i.e. not in the home environment due to the large volume of items they need to produce for the demand. This could be likened to the factory-made items you see on the shelves of chemists and supermarkets. 

It is worth noting that these companies don’t just make slick and shiny products. Pomade is a term a lot of people use, but in fact it covers a vast array of hair products which can include clays, creams, gels, water-based products, oil-based products, products that are water based but act like oil based products known as unorthodox water based (UWB), matte pomades and anything in between. They are generally classed as being light, medium, firm, or strong holding with the finish being matte, natural/low, medium, or high. 

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

Much like traditional wet shaving it can be a veritable rabbit hole of a hobby. You can be constantly chasing that perfect product for years. Although I’ve been using pomades of various types since 2017, I’ve still yet to find the one. I’ve come close, but I’m still searching.

It’s interesting how you can fall into the trap. I started by watching the extremely popular YouTube channel The Pomp

Originally created by James Bui, it is known for its honest and reliable reviews of the home brewed hair product world and is used as a resource by many when deciding if they want to spend their money on a specific pomade or not. You start watching one review, move on to the next and think I want some of that, and then BOOM! You’re down the rabbit hole rubbing shoulders with Alice and The Mad Hatter while the Cheshire Cat is smiling away at you spending cash on something that is the next best thing, but doesn’t work for you. On to the next product. 

Much like wet shaving it is a fun hobby. Everything Pomade is a prominent Facebook group with many of the brewers active on there and a huge wealth of knowledge on the subject matter. It’s more than just a hair product though. It’s a community and for some an escape. If you enjoy watching YouTube channels, I’d highly recommend TDM Style and Modern Man TV. Both active in reviewing the home brewed products and entertaining to watch.  

Pushing The Boundaries

I’ve met some cool people whilst chasing the perfect product and just when you think you’re content with the products you have, one of the brewers comes out with a real game changer and turns your life upside down. Flagship Pomade did that when they released their original cream a couple of years ago and now Cub and Co have done it recently with their hybrid gel pomade. A collaboration with Instagram review channel Chaotic Hair. Fuertes Hair have also just released a game changer in their Fuertes Styling Balm. Headed up by Franklin Fuertes they have released a product to rival that of the hugely popular Morris Motley styling balm

Brewers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and they do it while ensuring the customer is at the heart of what they do. If you can’t find something that works for you in the shops, I can guarantee you that making that switch to the home brewed market will be one of the best grooming decisions you make.

Andy W

Andy W