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Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Razor Review

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Edwin Jagger has just officially launched their new Stainless Steel razor, the 3ONE6.  They sent me a pre-launch sample to play with about a month ago.  Can it compete in the crowded luxury razor market?

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3ONE6 Specs

There are actually two main versions of the 3ONE6: a heavier, knurled-handled, fully Stainless Steel razor; and a lighter razor with the same Stainless Steel head and an aluminum handle with an anodized coating that is available in several colors (the aluminum handle’s collar and end cap are Stainless Steel).

Both versions have the same physical dimensions.  From the spec sheet:

  • Total Length: 96.6 mm
  • Handle Length: 89.4 mm (~3.5 inches)
  • Handle Diameter: 11.85 mm

The big difference is the weight: the heavier, knurled model is 74.7 g (2.63 oz.) while the lighter anodized aluminum models are 58.9 g (2.28 oz.).  As a comparison, my Edwin Jagger DE89LBL razor, a very popular model, weighs in at 74 g on my digital kitchen scale.  🙂

The aluminum handle version is available in the colors of red, blue, black, gunmetal, and silver.

All of the 3ONE6 razor handles are a bit smaller in diameter when compared to many other double edge razors, including Edwin Jagger’s.  For example, an Edwin Jagger DE89LBL razor handle is about 12.50 mm in diameter on my calipers.  The 3ONE6 handle shaft is about 11.00 mm on my calipers (the specs say 11.85 mm but I think that’s at the end cap which is a bit wider than the rest of the handle).

DE89LBL on the left, 3ONE6 on the right

I expected the razor’s head to look like the standard DE89 head but the 3ONE6 head is quite different, with a much “cleaner” look to it I think.  The DE89 head has a scalloped safety bar while the 3ONE6’s is not scalloped and in fact the base plate has a completely different profile.

My Experience With The Edwin Jagger 3ONE6

I have the anodized aluminum, lined handle in red.

Visually I think it’s a very attractive razor: photos don’t do it justice.  As I mentioned earlier, the Stainless Steel head is clean-looking and the top cap covers the side tabs of the typical double edge blade (I tried a number of different blade brands: most were flush but a couple hung over just the tiniest little bit.  Not enough to catch a corner, though).

Although my 3ONE6 came with a pack of Feather blades I decided to try my first few shaves with a Parker blade as I find them more “forgiving” to me and useful with a wide range of razors (YMMV when it comes to blades, of course).

I generally prefer heavier razors: most of the double edge razors in my shave den that get regular use are heavyweights.  So the combination of the lighter weight and the slightly smaller handle diameter made for an interesting first pass on my first shave with the 3ONE6.

However, once I got used to the configuration my first shaves went pretty well.  While I found the smaller diameter, lined handle on the 3ONE6 to be a just a bit “unsure” in my hands, the shave itself was smooth and comfortable.  In fact at first I thought the razor was on the mild side (and I generally prefer milder razors) but post-shave I had a number of “weepers” so it was kind of fooling me in that respect.

After a week I was getting solid, albeit somewhat unremarkable shaves (BBS with some work), and the holding the razor wasn’t a problem anymore.

Then I decided to try the 3ONE6 with one of the included Feather blades….


Oh my….

The Feather blade is apparently included for a reason.

My first shave with a Feather blade was easy BBS but with some “weepers”–something I often encounter with using a Feather blade on it’s first shave if I don’t cork the blade.

But the shaves with the 3ONE6 and the Feather blade that followed were among the best I’ve had with a lightweight double edge razor.

I would say this razor’s aggressiveness is middle-of-the-road, but a high performance blade like Feather may be a good pairing.

Conclusion: Can The Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Razor Compete In The Crowded “Premium” Razor Market?

Years ago the Feather AS-D2 was about the only high-dollar, premium double edge razor on the market.  Nowadays there are many more razors available and US $100 is probably considered the “floor” of the premium market.

All versions of the Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 razor are the same price, just under US $120, and I think–performance-wise–it is competitive with other razors in the same price range.  In fact, it kind of reminds me of the Feather AS-D2 in that it is an attractive razor and seems to perform best for me with a high performance blade.

In my mind this razor has kind of a “dual personality.”  It’s marketed as a Stainless Steel razor, and indeed the head is Stainless Steel–but the handle may not be fully Stainless Steel, depending on the version.  This is a curious turnabout from some other “Stainless Steel” razors where actually just the handle is Stainless Steel but the head is an alloy.

I find the 3ONE6 exceptionally comfortable on my skin–there is enough blade feel to provide sufficient feedback but it’s not harsh-feeling at all, given its (relative) aggressiveness.  If you want a more “sure” feeling in the hand, or want a heavier razor, go for the Stainless Steel, knurled handle.  I prefer heavier razors so I’ll probably go out and buy the heavier Stainless Steel handle–assuming it eventually becomes available separately–at some point.  If you prefer a more visually interesting razor, or something lighter in weight and feel, go for one of the mixed anodized aluminum/Stainless Steel handles.

I think the 3ONE6 is definitely a worthy upgrade to Edwin Jagger’s ubiquitous DE89 double edge razor line.

The Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 razor is available at many of your favorite wet shaving retail businesses.

Do you have an Edwin Jagger 3One6 razor?  What do you think of it?  Leave a comment below.


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6 thoughts on “Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Razor Review”

  1. I’ve been seriously thinking about the 3ONE6 as I have the DE89 and find it requires a bunch of touch up after a 3 pass shave. My Merkur 34C is a bit more aggressive and requires little, if any, touch up. The Merkur isn’t as “smooth” as the DE89 and combining the quality/smoothness of the DE89 with the slightly more aggressive shave of the 34C seems to be the ticket to my perfect shave. Would the 3ONE6 be that?

    Or would the Rockwell 6C, or 6S with the 3, or 4, plate cover that and provide me with plates 1 and 2 for bad face days? Would that be a better use of my $$$? As I have no kids to pass the razor down to, does the stainless version of the Rockwell shave twice as nice as the chrome or am I just paying the price of aesthetics and theoretical insurance against potential accidental mishaps?

    Thoughts? Thanks.

  2. Overpriced, but that’s no surprise as its in line with EJ, in general, these days. When the Rockwell 6C/S sells for way less it’s hard to promote this as a better deal but they have extensive sales and marketing reach into the retail channel so they will sell and fathers day, Christmas and birthdays for young men, this will be a great gift.

    1. Not sure its fair to mention the 6C but the 6S would certainly be a competitive razor in the same price range.

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