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Dry Lather

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“hello again, i just finished my first wet shave with a HD razor according to
your advice on your videos, and it was ver good. so thank you!the only problem i
have is once my lather is on my face after mixing it in a bowl. i find that the
lather drys very quickly to my face, and by time i get to the last part of my
shave, its quite dry and flaky. any recommendations?”

There could be a couple things happening here. The first is you simply don’t have enough water in the lather to start with. Be sure you’ve thoroughly rinsed your face before you begin and that your lather is fully hydrated (see my “How To Build and Apply Lather” video).Another possibility (and a fairly common one with people learning to shave this way) is that you’re shaving so slowly that the lather just spends too much time on the face and it dries out. In that case you can just take your brush and give it a quick swirl over the dry lather to perk it up again.


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2 thoughts on “Dry Lather”

  1. Hi Mantic,

    I am a great admirer of you. I know you from youtube, and I use all your inspirations from shaving techniques!
    I usually use oneway blades, but I am going to buy an oldschool razor.
    Keep on good working

    Henning Pfeifer

    Hamburg, Germany

  2. Also, you should apply your lather to a wet beard: rinsed, but not dried. I wash my beard before I begin, rinse off the soap, and then apply the lather to the beard while it’s still wet. After each pass, I rinse my beard and again apply the lather to the wet beard.

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