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Dreadnought Launches In The US

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The Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream came on the scene with a splash a year ago, and I even did a video about it:

Unfortunately they had to pull out of the U.S. market due to a conflict with the name.  Yesterday they re-entered the US as Dreadnought.  Same product, different name.


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9 thoughts on “Dreadnought Launches In The US”

  1. I have been wanting to try some of The Bluebeards Revenge products for a while now, after spotting them on amazon (they appear to be keeping the original name in the UK) I wasn’t 100% sure what they would be like though and I managed to miss your video the first time around somehow.
    looks like their shaving cream will be making its way onto my shopping list now though.

  2. The weight and balance of my Parker is excellent. Hanging upside down in a stand dries the not much quicker. It is a much nicer brush than the art of shaving badger that comes in there kit!

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  4. Regarding Parker silvertips,
    mine (chromium? or some metal anyway handle) Parker silvertip is exceedingly soft, with the softest badger hair I have ever seen. However, it is also, as a result, very floppy with no backbone. The handle has pleasant heft to it. The hair absorbs moisture like nothing I’ve seen, but it takes two days for the knot to dry completely even if towel-dried and fluffed.
    The combination of a heavy handle and a large, floppy, soft knot give it a very unique feel when lathering in a bowl. I am left missing more backbone, but I like the sturdy built quality. The brush also not shed hairs.
    Compared to the Parker, my Plisson with “White European Badger” hair is very harsh and scratchy with significant backbone. With a hollow wooden handle, The Plisson is also very light in comparison.
    My next brush should be something in between these two extremes, I guess.

  5. After alot of internet homework, I’m taking the plunge. looking to get a good setup. I Like the BR Scimitar or Dreadnaught. Considering the Parker silvertip but cant find much on that brush. Seems like a good deal. Thoughts?

  6. I couldn’t find any site that sells this from the list of etailers in the Dreadnought website… I already asked to notify me when it is in stock. But most of the etailers in Dreadnoughts site don’t even seem to carry it.

  7. I like the logo. I haven’t tried this product yet (in either form, the Bluebeard’s Revenge or re-branded Dreadnought). At $15 msrp the Shave Brush appears to be either synthetic or boar bristle; the razor looks like a re-branded Edwin Jagger DE89, if I’m not mistaken.

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