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Dr. Pennskin Shave Co. Brick And Mortar Store

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I love publicizing “brick and mortar” wet shaving stores.  Here’s Dr. Pennskin shave Company in New York City.

The Dr. Pennskin Shave Company Brick and Mortar store is located in The Market NYC at 159 Bleecker Street, in the heart of the West Village.
nyc market
Owned by Barbara Hochstein and Eric Penn, they also sell at craft shows and special events in the Tristate Area ( New York, New Jersey and Long Island)  Barbara says “we make our own men’s shave products under our own label Dr. Pennskin. We made a few different types of Men’s Shave Soap (some Glycerin base soap sold in a tin and cold process traditional men’s shave soap wrapped and labeled) We also made Shave Cream, Beard Oil , Beard Balm and Pre-Shave Oil.

We sell a full line of hardware ( shave sets, safety Razors, straight Razors (Edwin Jagger, Merkur and now Parker) and carry accessories such as brushes, bowls, cup beard trimmers, strops, Alum block, razor packs.
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“At the store, we also carry Filthy Farmgirl Soaps, and my ladies skincare line called Beauty Bee plus other bath and body and gift items.”
Check out their website at (though not all men’s products are up online yet).
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12 thoughts on “Dr. Pennskin Shave Co. Brick And Mortar Store”

  1. Haven’t made it downtown yet but I will. BTW tri state area in this neck o’ the woods means NY, CT, and NJ. Long Island is wholly within NY state borders.

    1. Good luck trying to later the shave soap, mine was sent to the shower to use as a soap……:( I bought the wrapped soap, don’t know about the glycerin based soaps.

      1. Steven C,
        what seems to be the problem with my shave soap? In your comment you wrote “good luck in trying to later??, (I assume you meant lather). This is a shave soap to be lathered up with a shaving brush. Its NOT a face and body soap. I assume you are referring to my shave soap. You need to spend a few more moments to lather up the soaps with your shave brush. I have sold hundreds of these shave bars to customers. No complaints until now. Try using a shave brush and see what the results are.

        1. Tried with a badger , and boars hair brush …soaked the puck, got a thin lather that disappeared very fast… and yes they where the shave soaps…sorry they did not work for me, please don’t be offended. 🙁

          1. I had the same issue with the oak moss puck I bought. As hard as I tried with three different brushes I couldn’t get it to lather. Total waste of money and I won’t be using it. At least mine came with a tin so I out my Mitchell’s Wool Fat in it instead.

          2. I had the same problem with the Brooklyn Original Shaving Cream. Stuff doesn’t lather unless you put half the tub on your brush. Also reddit seems to not like the soap. I really wanted to like this shop but it seems that the products are more show than results.

  2. Not all brick & mortar shave shops are uber expensive, our local ones are reasonable (we have 4 main ones, two barbershops (one having multiple locations) with decent wetshaving retail sections, one being a cigar shop, that also has a decent wetshaving selection (limited to certain well known brands, this one tends to be the most pricey of the shops) and a knife shop (specializing in japanese chef’s knives, but also with a killer wet shave section with reasonable prices, mostly in a similar ballpark to what you find on-line, the only thing i find to be noticeable overpriced has been blade packs (so I have started to order them on-line in bulk), they also sharpen straight razors, and from what I’ve heard to a fine job at it too…). I guess we’re lucky here to have that variety (although none market themselves particularly well in this area, you have to do some looking to find out that they have good wetshaving sections, once you follow their facebook or twitter, or check their websites, then you see it and the stuff they bring in).

    1. To Wesley,
      Our shop is reasonable and our prices and selection reflect this fact. Come down to our store and see for yourself. It doesn’t have to be “expensive”. Quite the contrary.

  3. Between the two Pasteur pharmacies, Cambridge Chemists, and now this NYC May be the next center for wet shavers. I will absolutely visit.

  4. Between the two Pasteur pharmacies, Cambridge Chemists, and now this NYC May be the next center for wet shavers. I will absolutely visit.

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