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A Columbian Necktie You Want

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columbian necktie lather
When I received my sample from Shaving Yeti of  their Columbian Necktie Shave Soap I was excited to try it out. It just had to wait a couple weeks due to work and spring break with my girls. I loved the rich citrus scent it  reminds of the lemon and lime meringue pies my mom would make on occasion growing up. You could smell the lemons and limes for hours and  you didn’t want till after dinner to have. Now I digress; lets talk about this wonderfully scented soap with it’s sweet citrusy yet still masculine scent that would be a great addition to your shave rotation.

Columbian Necktie Test Lathers

The first thing I did when I got the chance to do the review was a couple of test lathers I wanted  to see how it would react with the sample I received. I knew I would have enough for  practice and a few shaves.  I am not one that normally uses a soap: I have an easier time getting good creams locally and normally creams work better with the water. Don’t get me wrong, I would use soaps more often if they didn’t seem to either need glycerin added to help retain moisture or  seem to go flat during the shave. Since this was a glycerin soap I knew I wouldn’t be adding any for the shave. That left ‘would it’s foam have staying power or would it collapse?’  During the test lathers I learned a few things about this wonderful soap:

First is the water release even more of the wonderful rich scent making you look forward to the shave. I worked it for about a minute on the puck before moving to my lathering bowl. Oh what a wonderful minute that was with the scent wafting up to the nose and it’s slightly pinkish and curious lather.

Second it is thirsty. I mean just when you think you have added enough water and its looking right add just a little more and watch it explode with a thick rich light airy lather. I mean the small salsa bowl I use just couldn’t contain it all. It looses some of the pink and looks more like the white lather most of us are used too.

Third its thick.  This thick lather felt practically weightless and had some resistance  as I played with the lather in may hands. It felt very wet and cooling. This wasn’t a menthol cooling but an evaporative cooling that I had not noticed with my non-menthol creams that I used.
Fourth  is it’s slick  I mean Really Slick. You feel how slick it is while handling it in palm for the lather and then is becomes super slick when you get the lather right in the bowl.  I almost dropped my brush because it had gotten under my fingers while lathering the brush.

The Shave

Now for the shave I did my usual prep of washing my face during the morning shower and leaving it wet as I whipped up that wonderful lather and then wetting my face just before applying the lather. It stayed thick and if my face didn’t feel wet and was able to see it in the mirror I would have wondered if it was there and never collapsed during a pass. It was slick as my Schick Injector just glided effortlessly over may face even against the grain– the one direction that seems to always catch ever so slightly regardless of how carefully I have  prepped.  After a few seconds on each pass would  start to feel the cooling that I had felt while playing with it in my hands made the shave even that much more enjoyable.

This is a definitely a soap that I am going add to my rotation with my favorite creams. This soap is enjoyable to use and does everything that we want a lather to do it smells great, keeps the face wet, and allows the razor to glide effortlessly.

Glenn Harvey, resides in Southern Nevada has many hobbies and interests. Just recently discovered the fine and relaxing art of shaving.

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8 thoughts on “A Columbian Necktie You Want”

  1. On their website, they state clearly that they are a melt and pour operation and they don’t make their own soaps, they just add scents to someone else’s soaps. I appreciate their honesty, but it makes me wonder how many other soap operations are not so honest. In further reviews, if you guys have inside information, would you share this with us.

  2. Thanks for the review of this seemingly great soap. I do appreciate your insight and enthusiasm in this review. That being said, I found myself really taken aback by the lack of editing done on this piece. Maybe I’m just spoiled by Mantic and his posts, but this was just atrociously written.

    1. I have to take the “blame” on this. When I read the draft I was just really taken by the excitement of Glenn’s experience and I wanted to try to maintain the “feel” of it, blemishes and all. It does make for a more difficult read I grant you, so I have made some very minor edits (mostly just punctuation).

  3. I have been trying for months to get the mentholated Yeti Snot but they are always out of stock. I would like to try Necktie and Shore leave as well. Great review.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful review. We are just a couple of guys that make soap after work for fun & never expected the demand that we have received. We make batches of soap during the week & update the website on Thursday evenings so we can pack & ship orders on Sundays ( this Sunday being a off day for Kentucky Derby Festivities ). Feel free to shoot us a message via the website or Facebook page & we will do everything we can to get you a puck of the “snot”.

      1. Thanks, I have been trying since January but I understand your operation is batch processed. I will shoot an email because your “flavors” sound delicious, and the lather looks impressive.

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