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Coates Rises…Again!

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A few days ago I reported that Coates, the venerable British shaving cream manufacturer, was about to go out of business (for a second time). After a little investigation I received this email from Robert Johnston, part owner of Coates, which says in part:

Unfortunately it has proved a difficult sell to bring traditional products to a much wider consumer market than shaving forums and online stores so we [are] struggling to find the investment to produce any further products. We even tried to sell the family home last year, such is our commitment to Coate’s, but to no avail.
We will continue seeking further investment and have been encouraged by sales of our existing products, despite what you might think reading [the shaving forums].

So there you have it.  I am happy to report that, although Coates may be down, it is not out!
(Photo courtesy Jeremy Keith, Wikimedia Commons)


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2 thoughts on “Coates Rises…Again!”

  1. When I brought up the fact that there were problems for Coates on B&B, I got a lot of static because of the scent of the cream. Tea tree and rosemary is not a combination that tends to jump out and please everybody.
    Unfortunately. 🙁

  2. Ted Pettinicchi (TAP119 on B & B)

    What about a group buy on Sharpologist or B&B? Enough of us have SPAD (shaving product acquisition disorder) that I feel sure Coates could generate some capital.

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