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Classic/Traditional Shaving Advocacy

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I’m a raving advocate for classic/traditional shaving. I admit it. I shaved with an electric razor for 30+ years until one day I got an old-style barber shave. The results were so dramatic, literally life-changing, that I immersed myself in the “hobby.” I eventually started producing videos on how to shave properly. I received many, many comments thanking me (yeah, and a few snarks and hates too). Though I’m loath to compare myself to one, I almost feel like a “born again preacher” trying to convert the masses.

So, once every week or so, I “trawl” Google for discussions about shaving in non-shaving-related places (and I use the word “trawl” as in fishing, not “troll” as in the snarky-freak-underneath-the-bridge-hater guy). I’ll use a series of keywords like “i hate shaving,” “learn to shave,” “how to shave.” I’ll also do an “ego search” with a keyword of “mantic59.”

Admittedly I get a ton of search results, 99.9% of which are useless for my purposes: “adult” links (ahem…), blogs posting that are obviously Adsense Farms or otherwise blatently commercial, teenage girls talking about shaving their armpits, etc. But every now and then a gem will pop up that I can contribute to. So I do. The vast majority of the time I get a very positive response, and sometimes even a convert. I’ve also found some really interesting websites and blogs along the way–places like offtopic, somethingawful, ask andy about clothes, the tilted forum project, naked with socks on, etc.

So, what have you done to promote proper shaving?


Shave tutor and co-founder of sharpologist. I have been advocating old-school shaving for over 20 years and have been featured in major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Lifehacker. Also check out my content on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!View Author posts

10 thoughts on “Classic/Traditional Shaving Advocacy”

  1. I start shvaing this way about 1 month before you publish this post!

    I met some spanish and portuguese people at american forums (i'm portuguese myself) and I was "invited" to create a portuguese forum.

    the forum is running and it's groing by it own 😀
    Finally I see it as a user too and I can see a lot of benefict of it, while watching people trading contacts of local stores or reviewing products (or retailers).

    here goes the link:

    the word is being spread here, and I found some confirmed conversions every month :D:D

  2. I have to say thanks. I gave myself my first DE shave today with help from your YouTube video. I have been prone to shaving bumps in the past with countless methods I’ve tried, including Sensor Excel, Mach 3, Fusion (even those stupid ones with the batteries). Hundreds of dollars on electric razors (Braun 360 Complete, Norelco 8894xl, Norelco 8060x). Nothing really seems to take care of the problem, and all seem to irritate my face. I purchased a Parker 91R from Amazon, and a Tweezerman badger hair brush. I’ve been using some shave cream made for C.O. Bigelow by Proraso. First day results were pretty good. I enjoyed the whole process. Thanks for your efforts!

  3. I promote wetshaving by telling mates I know it will appeal to. I’ve been shaving this way for a year now and just recently got a friend to do the same. After the first shave everything clicked and he’s hooked already.

    P.S. The word you’re looking for is ‘trawl’ in regards to fishing.

  4. I am a bit of a media hound – shameless, one might say! Here is our latest bit of madness on King5 News in Seattle (I am the one in the glasses, Orion is a High School Buddy, and Gino is a barber friend that carries Safety Razors)

    More shaving shenanigans to come!

  5. Well, I managed to convert my brother to wetshaving (which is no minor feat since he’s a technology-freak kind of guy). I tried to do the same with my brother-in-law, but his girlfriend offered him an electric razor last Christmas, so I think this one will demand a more challenging proselyte approach…

    I’ve been wetshaving PROPERLY since January last and your videos proved to be a very welcoming advise. Hell, if it weren’t for you I would probably still be making the same old mistakes I made during all these years!

    Many thanks for the cool videos and carry on the excellent work.

  6. I promote wet shaving poorly. I shave twice a week (but I need to shave daily, at least). I still nick my neck, although not so bad. I’m not the right man for the soap box (wool fat soap?).

  7. All my friends and family know that I shave “recreationally.” And I’ve blogged about the practice and the products many times.

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