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Cheap Blades?

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I have a question for you, in your videos and on other sites about
using safety razors you mention blades being around $0.50 cents each. I can’t
find any sites on the web selling for that amount, most are 10 for 5-6 dollars.
I also went by Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens and CVS, and only CVS carried any
safety razors and then they only had one brand. Is there a site you could
recommend that has a price closer to the one you mentioned for blades and
equipment? Thanks, just seeing the J-hook has improved my shave with a gillette


Well 10 blades for $5.00 comes out to about $0.50/blade. But anyway, check out my “How to Shave With A Single Blade Razor” video for a bunch of sources. If you decide to get into single blade safety razors I suggest trying a sampler pack (check the right side of this blog under “Blade Sampler Pack Sources”). That way you can find the brand of blade that works for you, then look for the best deal on that brand. For example I like the Israeli-made Crystal (AKA “Israeli Personna”) blades and I can get a box of 100 off eBay for about $17.00 (US)–that comes to $0.17 apiece! And just recently a vendor had a special on 100 Derby blades that ended up costing me about $0.12 per blade!

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8 thoughts on “Cheap Blades?”

  1. I have been watching your videos. In fact, my wife wanted to know what I was up to because I am spending the whole weekend catching up on your blog and watching the vids.

    Thanks again for a great blog and some excellent information!

  2. Where have you been all my life? I have used an electric shaver my whole life – mostly because my first ventures into wet shaving left me raw as a young man and my dad always shaved electric too.

    I have decided that I can no longer tolerate a 10:00 AM shadow anymore and have been wet shaving for two weeks.

    And, up until today, everything was great. Then my neck broke out and I started looking on line and found a whole world of shaving tips.

    Wow! So thank you, your blog stands high above the rest.

    I am looking forward to spending some time reading your old post and will be awaiting new one.

    Best regards,

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  4. The vendor you mentioned with the special on 100 Derby blades…I just ordered some and they came in the mail today. I pretty much stared at the box in amazement realizing that I no longer have to drain my life savings buying cartridge razors.

  5. My personal favorite blade, the Treet Blue Special, costs $11.50 for 100, or 11.5¢ per blade: not bad. The Swedish Gillettes are very nice, but at $4.50 for 5 (90¢ a blade) are too pricey for me. Astra Superior Platinum is a very good blade and if you do a Google search, you find them for $11.00/100 (11¢ a blade)—or even 1100 for $100: 9¢ a blade.

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