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Can You Answer This Simple Question?

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Are you devoted to a single online store for your shaving equipment?


With the holiday shopping season upon us I would like to ask you a question. Have you ordered shaving products from a particular online shaving-specific website more than once? Amazon doesn’t count here. I’m asking if you have bought shaving stuff from online store “x” more than once. Or do you prefer to spread your purchases around?


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57 thoughts on “Can You Answer This Simple Question?”

  1. I buy where I find the products and pricing I am looking for. West coast shaving, royal shave and Vintage blades all have good service and products.

  2. Most of my purchases have been from BullGoose, but I’ve also bought from West Coast Shaving, Whipped Dog and Robbins Medical Supply. Excellent service from all and very reasonable prices on the items purchased. I like to comparison shop amongst different vendors before clicking the buy button.

    1. I’ve purchased items from three sites;, and However, at this time and for the foreseeable future, Westcoastshaving is my preferred and exclusive vendor. Absolutely top notch is all regards. I highly recommend them!

  3. I have purchased from Maggart,s several times. They have a great selection and prices with super fast shipping. This is a family business and very dedicated to their customers needs and service. They have a shipping plan that will save you a lot of money for frequent buyers.

  4. I spread it around a little bit. I’ve shopped at Amazon, Lee’s, BullGoose, Whipped Dog (and probably some others) but the store i’ve used the most is West Coast Shaving.

  5. I am just under two months with my wet shaving journey (thank you Mantic59 for all your great videos) so I would like the ability to deal with just one vendor. However, I have found that one vendor may have the blades I am looking for but not the soap or aftershave I want.
    I have recently purchased from The Razor Emporium, West Coast Shaving and the Italian Barber.

  6. is my go to. Occasionally I’ll pick up quality creams from traditional barber shops if they haven’t inflated the price.

  7. For blades and razors, I’ll shop where the price is best. But for soaps it’s Barrister & Mann for me (with the occasional nod to Arko, wherever that’s cheapest – usually Amazon).

  8. I tend to spread out my purchases depending on price and availability. I have used West Coast Shaving, Lee’s Razors, BullGoose Shaving, Italian Barber, Razor Blades & More on multiple occasions and have been satisfied by all of them. I have also used Massdrop to buy some shaving items although they are not a dedicated shaving website.

  9. I use Amazon as well as others. I purchased a badger brush from Whipped Dog. I’ve purchased blades from Sally and CVS and I purchased a bottle of Clubman from Sallys. Plus eBay.
    Reading through the comments had given me some great resources for future reference. Thanks everyone!

  10. I shop around for the best price for an item that I want. I have made several purchases from one online store at times, I purchased a few times from Art of Man before it closed, and I have bought from, amazon and a few others. I believe that it may be foolish to buy at one online store only.

  11. I go with Harry’s, their website is simple and I feel they have quality goods. Plus using their customer service line, you speak with a real person.

  12. I have bought a couple of times from Maggards Razors. I have physically shopped at West Coast Shaving as well as bought online from them.

  13. I spread it around. I’ve ordered from West Coast several times, Bull Goose twice, and Italian Barber a few times. Sometimes my choice is product driven (RazoRock), and sometimes it’s driven by which vendor has a product or products in stock at the time I’m shopping.

  14. I have a few favorites i look to first, shoebox/maggards/ but then i don’t mind shopping sround. Frankly im a sucker for free samples and I try and buy from places that give then :/

  15. Maggards is the first place i look to. i live pretty close to Royal Shave so if i want, i can get something from them and pick it up at their warehouse. Italian Barber is another i’ve recently ordered from. But 90% of the time, Maggards.

  16. I have made three purchases from Italian Barber in the last 6 months. I chose them based on price and selection, especially of RazoRock products. I came back for a 2nd and 3rd purchase because they shipped quickly and everything was packed well.
    I also have made online purchases directly from vendors including The Body Shop, L’Occitane, Barrister & Mann, Stirling, and Soap Commander. For the artisan vendors, I prefer to buy direct if I can, my thought being more money goes into their pocket by cutting out the middleman. For Brick and Mortar purchases, I have purchased creams from Bath & Body Works and Meijer, which is a big box retailer in the Midwest that carries Nivea Sensitive cream in a tube. I also picked up blades at Walgreen’s and Sally Beauty Supply.

    1. Forgot to mention that I have found good deals on eBay for Arko pucks and LaToja shave sticks and both experiences were excellent. I might pull the trigger on some Palmolive shave sticks that Connaught is offering on eBay right now since it seems to be the best deal I have seen on those and they are reputable seller.

  17. I purchase from different places. First was Razor blades & more, then Maggard Razors (online though I live only an hour from their shop), West coast shaving which has fast service, Amazon and a couple of soap makers. I’ve also purchased items through Ebay including soap from Italian Barber (who for some reason charges twice as much for shipping on their site which is why I never buy through their website).

  18. I find myself to be a comparison shopper. I’m aware of all the great shaving sites but I do have an account with Amazon and find their shipping, delivery and price are usually on the money. Of course if it’s something that I can’t find there I use a site like Maggard, also a source of good quality service.
    I have recently found a brick and mortar store in my area (New York City). It’s Pasteur’s Pharmacy which may well be called Mecca to the brotherhood of wet shavers.

    1. Good to you)). I live in a town with a population of 5,000,000 people. So we only have 2 shops for wet shaving. And those with very poor range and great prices.

  19. Hello. I recently discovered a whole variety of items for shaving. And so buy and choose the goods in different shops Internet.
    Just had to take into account the cost of the goods and delivery charges.
    Gradually, I decided in their preferences, and now I am much more convenient to have one or two stores and buy them.
    With respect Andrew.

  20. I used to order everything from, but then I started hearing about these artisan products and other brushes and now I try to purchase direct from the source if I can or whichever site has everything in looking for at the time so I don’t have to spilt up shipping costs.

  21. Re shopping I have bought shaving supplies from both on-line Canadian based (where I’m located) and American web sites, non-Amazon. The US based site was found as a reference in one of your blogs.

  22. I am like Adam I make all my shaving item purchased online from They are a well stock online store, with several different way to pay for your orders as well.
    I like this site also because they have other unique items for sale as well.
    I have been in search of other sources here in Calgary Alberta Canada and have had no real luck in trying to fine a store with good selection of shaving product and prices that do not make you feel llike you are shaving with a dawl blade.
    Thank Mantic 59 I have really enjoyed your videos and other type of educational post

  23. Most of my shaving purchases come from two sources. A local knife store with a crazy good selection of shaving products and from Fendrihan on-line (primarily because they are canadian so I can get super fast delivery and reasonable shipping costs, and their prices and selection are great; the few cents I can save from US based shops are more than offset by the shipping costs to Canada and the exchange rate).

  24. I have purchased shave soap twice now from Mama Bear soaps the second order including a gift. I like the soap, but it’s also fun to try new stuff as wet shaving can be a hobby. Thanks again for turning me on it this year. Still stands as the only kept resolution I’ve ever made.

  25. I have ordered multiple times from Maggard Razors, Italian Barber, and West Coast Shaving. I see if the items I want are in stock and build a cart at each. Whichever one has all the products (if possible) for the lowest price with shipping gets the order.

  26. I’ve ordered multiple times from, Bullgoose Shaving Supplies, Shoebox Shave Shop, The Superior Shave and The Italian Barber. I’ve been thoroughly satisfied with all of them and I order from them depending on what I’m looking for at any given moment.

  27. Italian Barber has been my go-to since I’ve started. Fast shipping via Canada Post, great service. From ordering to in my hands is 3 days or less.

  28. Fendrihan here in Canada is my main online source. My favorite blades are usually just plain stupid cheap at Honest Eds in Toronto, but they are closing in 2016 so I’ll have to be sure to buy a lifetimes worth of them. Also found Barbers Barber and Beauty Supply a good brick and mortar source.

      1. Yes and free shipping makes it better and I did find Art of shaving sandalwood tallow based 10 refills so i did buy 7 for the future.

  29. I have a small group of stores that I tend to patronized, based largely on which one has all the items I want (if possible.)
    My first stop is usually BullGoose. Phil’s a quality guy, his shop has a good selection, and prices are good.
    I have also ordered multiple times from Italian Barber.
    I haven’t ordered anything from Maggard Razors yet, just because I haven’t been acquiring a lot since they came on the scene. However, I am impressed with their samples offerings and wide selection of artisan products. I suspect my next purchase will be from them.

      1. I get Israeli blades sold generically at the supermarket. ($2.39 for 10) I purchase RSC products at Rite Aid, Cremo at CVS, & Cade at the airport stores while traveling. Bath & Body Works is at my mall for Bigelow/Proraso. I decided to support my local merchants and pay the tax, instead of shipping charges and waiting (but I do have good access). I also live 70 miles from NYC so both Pasteur’s, and Cambridge Chemists are in reach for gourmet and specialty items. I have family in NYC so there’s no need to make a special trip for me. I may have better access than most. YMMV

        1. I forgot to mention that the Rite Aid stocks VDH, and the supermarket also carries KOS Supercharged shave gel in citrus and black pepper types! (It’s Shop Rite)

          1. I like it, a lot, and alternate with Cremo ,for the third uphill pass (only) every shave. Since doing that, I never need a touch up pass, because you are feeling your face for stubble while applying the gels post XTG. Cremo is slightly slicker,and more hydrating than KOS, but KOS is transparent, and that evens the small difference.
            (BTW Derby’s and US Personna blades are at Sally Beauty),

    1. I’ve used a few different shaving e-stores more than once. I’ve probably used Italian Barber the most, but West Coast Shaving is another I’ve returned to for purchases. Probably one or two more that I’ve used more than once.
      With that said, I tend spread it around a bit. I try to not be completely price driven but sometimes a product is only available on certain sites, and/or they are have a particularly good deal on something I’m looking for. I also figure in delivery time, service, etc.

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