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Cahoonas Chin Sporran Beard Oil

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cahoonas oil
I have been known to consume some of the fine products coming from Scotland, but the most recent one I have spent time with is definitely not for consumption. That product is the Cahoonas Chin Sporran Beard Oil.

Essential Oil Blend

It does seem that I have become the resident beard oil reviewer, does it not? This particular blend is one that has kicked around in my cabinet for a few months. As it turns it, it could potentially be a very good option for the summertime months (yeah, I know, it’s fall now).
Why is that? It’s due to the essential oil blend that is used – bog myrtle and cedarwood. Both of these have some insect repellent properties, with the bog myrtle being a native plant in Scotland with some (apparently) well-known repellent uses. Fortunately, it does not smell like a can of insect repellent.
Instead, it has a sort of pine-like smell overall, which again works well for summertime. Both of the essential oils are mixed in the base of fractionated coconut oil, which as it turns out is a very good skin moisturizer. Now, if you are more familiar with the coconut oil that you cook with, have no worries – the Cahoonas Chin Sporran is a liquid, not a solid.
Of the oils I have tested over the past few months, this is actually one of the thinner, or lighter, feeling ones. For application, there is actually a small dropper built in to the cap, so you can get a few drops on to your finger to massage in, or even directly on to the beard itself.
As with all of the beard oils I have tested, the Cahoonas Chin Sporran applied easily, and did the job it was assigned to do – nourish the skin and help the beard hairs to not be quite so unruly. I am also a fan of the fact that it only has the three ingredients – no mysteries as to what you are using. You can pick your own 10ml bottle up for a price of about $16 (10 GBP) plus shipping. Should you want more, they do have a 30ml option, as well as a moustache wax in a similar scent.

Patrick Kansa

Patrick Kansa


4 thoughts on “Cahoonas Chin Sporran Beard Oil”

  1. I’ve been thinking of trying to grow out my first beard. I hear there are lots of different things you can get to take care of it. I do like the idea of a simple beard oil that doesn’t have mysterious things in it. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind as my beard gets longer.

    1. Absolutely. There are also recipes out there for making your own from 3-4 ingredients, though I’ve not tried those yet. If you’re thinking about growing your beard out, I think you’ll like an article that we’ve got in the works!

  2. I’ve been trying to find a good bead oil for my husband. He’s been trying to grow a beard for the past couple of years, but it isn’t growing as quickly as he wants it to. He tries to eat a lot of nutrients to help his beard grow, but he wants to try using beard oil that will help it along. It seems like a good idea to use oil with essential oils. I’m sure that it would also help to make his beard smell quite pleasant.

    1. Yes it would leave his beard smelling fantastic, I think chinsporran smells wonderfully fresh with a little citrusy woody manly scent. Personally I bought the 30ml bottle from after using a couple of the 10ml bottles of Chinsporran as it lasts longer. And they’ve changed the graphics on the bottle now to a Scottish stag. Great product 5 stars

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