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Breaking News: A New Gillette DE Razor?!? + Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Some really interesting things have happened over the past few days.

Gillette “Heritage” Double Edge Razor

(Note: Amazon links are Sharpologist affiliate.)

Late last week I received a bunch of emails and messages on social media about Gillette announcing a new double edge (DE) razor for pre-order on Amazon.  When I saw it, I didn’t believe it–it had to be some kind of bogus reseller posing as Gillette.  I reached out to a PR rep. I knew who had contacts at Gillette to find out more.  In the meantime I mentioned it on my Twitter feed, only to have Gillette answer that it was genuine:

A short time later I got a confirming email back from the PR rep:

“I can confirm that the razor you spotted is indeed a Gillette Razor dubbed the Gillette Heritage-Inspired Double Edge Safety Razor.

This is the first 3-piece Double Edge Safety Razor Gillette has produced in over 40 years, making it ideal for any guy who’s looking for a modern twist on traditional tool for a close and clean shave. Inspired by some of our favorite heritage Gillette razors, today’s razor features unique qualities that make it a one-of-a-kind holiday gift:

  • The stainless-steel single blade delivers a clean, close shave and resists rust
  • The handle is a premium chrome plated handle that includes micro engraving for improved grip, bringing a historic design to your daily shave
  • The unique closed comb design offers a modern take on older safety razors

This razor is available on Amazon for $34.99 and includes a 3-piece razor, 5 Gillette Platinum double-edge safety razor blades and a premium case.”

The rep. promised to send me a sample and to put my in touch with a Gillette “archivist” to answer my questions.  And questions I have!

Stay tuned.  I will update this article with more information as I receive it.

[UPDATE #1: I have a phone call with the Gillette archivist scheduled for 24 October.  I’ve opened up the comment section, so leave your questions below and I will pass them on!]

[UDPATE #2: the Amazon link now says “Limited Quantity.”  It did not say that before so it indicates to me the pre-orders are probably beyond their expectations.]

Now, to clarify, there are still “Gillette” DE razors that are manufactured in different parts of the world (no doubt under license–I seriously doubt Gillette makes DE razors themselves anymore).  But there hasn’t been a Gillette DE razor for the U.S. market since the late 70’s.

Crowdfunding Projects

Meanwhile, I also discovered two shaving-related crowdfunding projects.

Lather Boss

Remember Sharpologist’s recent article about the Gillette Heated Razor?  Here might be a good compliment to it:

Lather Boss is a project for a heated shave brush:

“With just one click, the Lather Boss™ quickly heats our signature aloe-infused shaving cream to a safe temperature that will produce the perfect hot lather, resulting in a perfect HOT shave every time! “


While I was browsing Kickstarter I also came across another shaving-related project, Manmower:

“Manmower™ is the future of your chin, CNC precision-milled in the Midlands, England, GB.  Two barrels scissor your hair progressively down to a grade ‘0’ as you roll the mower about your face.  The more you mow the more trimmed you become.  It’s really as simple as that.”

Bamotra “Automatic Shaving Brush”

At the same time all these other products were being announced I came across another company announcing pre-ordering their product, this time a a powered shave brush:


Looks like they’ll be starting their own crowdfunding campaign starting next month.

OneBlade Special Promotions

(Note: OneBlade links are Sharpologist affiliate.)

Finally, OneBlade has been running a special, limited-time promotion on their CORE razor.  It’s being promoted on social media but they permitted me to mention it on Sharpologist’s email list so I’ll mention it here, too:

Get a OneBlade Core razor for $19.95 (regularly $49.95.  You need to use that link for the promo price–if you just go to the regular OneBlade page you will still see the full price).

So if you’ve wanted to:

  • try OneBlade technology at an introductory price;
  • get a razor that might make transitioning away from a multi-blade cartridge easier;
  • look for a shaving-related holiday gift;
  • have a OneBlade to travel with but were unwilling to take a chance with your expensive Genesis razor;

…here may be your chance.




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70 thoughts on “Breaking News: A New Gillette DE Razor?!? + Crowdfunding Campaigns”

  1. looks like Amazon is asking me to confirm my order, seems that they may be having a delay in shipping. Waiting to hear back when the new estimated shipping date will be. I wonder if they over extended themselves and didn’t anticipate the response they got.

  2. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

    My $19.95 OneBlade Core arrived today. I have to say I’m impressed at first inspection. From the packaging to the feel of the razor. Really first class. I plan to give it a go tomorrow or Sunday. Much appreciation for the bargain, Mark.

  3. Two words: incremental growth
    Gillette doesn’t make a move like this without a ton of market research. They get an offshore manufacturer to make a decent quality DE razor, pack it neatly with Gillette logo all over it and float it out on Amazon at great price. Wet shavers looking for nostalgia buy it out of curiosity. Gillette will promote it via social media and millennials will have to have one. Purposely sell out your first run and create a feeding frenzy for more. Gillette makes a buck on the razor but dramatically grows their sales of DE blades in non traditional markets.
    Profitable incremental growth.
    Remember when they would send you the latest 3, 4 or 5 blade razor for free in the mail? All about the blades baby.
    And remember, they quit making your Fat Boys, etc for a reason: not profitable. Don’t hold your breath for new high quality “vintage” razors.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I guess like everybody else I’d like to know if this is Gillette dipping their toes back into the water? If it is surely they have seen the huge demand for DE razors, especially if Gillette starts making them again. I bet even if they started with the infamous “Toggle” razor, they would sell out if sold like the Heritage.

    1. Carlos,
      I’m in Canada but ordered through I posted a summary of the landed cost earlier:
      Here is a breakdown of the charges, shipped to Canada:
      Order Summary
      Item(s) Subtotal:USD 34.99
      Shipping & Handling:USD 7.07
      Total before tax:USD 42.06
      Estimated tax to be collected:USD 0.00
      Import Fees DepositUSD 6.92
      Grand Total:USD 48.98
      Payment Grand Total:CAD 66.65

      Yes, a little pricy. Hope it’s decent quality. Will also have to wait and see if Canada Customs adds additional import duty.
      John Cahill

  5. Thanks for the information Mark. It is good to see an attempt by Gillette to introduce a new version of a double edge razor. They are probably trying to appeal to a new group of wet shavers by introducing something inspired by the past with a modern twist.

    It is funny to read some of the comments, which solidifies my position as to why I don’t participate on silly wet shaving sites, they are laughable. If you don’t like the product, don’t buy it, that simple.

    As to the One Blade offer, thank you Mark. I own the Genesis, probably one of the first customers, and added this one as a travel option.

    Thank you again and I’m looking forward to your hands-on review.

  6. Speaking of Fatboy, please ask the rep if Gillette will be making any Fatboy-inspired or Slim adjustables.
    There are too many 3-pieces all over the place and everybody knows an adjustable is the way to go.

  7. Dear Mark,

    Thanks for the alert on the One Blade offer! I bought one for my 14-year old son, who is just starting. He loves the shave and learning how to lather shaving cream. It’s helped get him into wet shaving.

    I’m not sure what to think about Gillette getting back into the Safety Razor business. I need an open comb with a Feather Blade for my beard, so a closed comb won’t work for me. I’m pleased with the Muhle R89 handle and R41 head that I use with it.

    I went back to the future last year with that purchase, but I still have my Gillette Black Beauty from my youth. It’s a Super Adjustable 109 PD. I’ll let my son try using it when he starts shaving everyday. Or, maybe he’d be interested in one of the Gillette Heritage-Inspired razors. Let’s see what you learn on your call.



  8. I will never buy another Gillette product. I do not care. There is not one reason that anyone can give me that will make me spend money to be insulted and vilified. Sorry Gillette, get woke, go broke. Personally, the sooner the better.
    p.s. I actively avoided P&G products, the parent company.

    1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

      How in the world did Gillette vilify you? I suppose one could stretch the definition of “insult” to mean you felt insulted by their high prices (though I would argue without intent, there is no real insult—but I’ll play along).

      But vilify? When did Gillette make these statements against you? And where did they make this statements?

      Seems to me, you perhaps felt insulted by Gillette and now YOU are vilifying THEM. It’s the only way I can get your post to make any sense whatsoever.

        1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

          First of all, if I ever allowed myself to feel insulted by a commercial I’d be constantly insulted. Nearly every commercial involves one, or many, of these characteristics: lies or deception, stereotypes, simplistic solutions for complicated issues, etc. But I have far too much self-awareness and confidence to let a silly commercial shake me.

          But again, my question was, “How were you vilified by Gillette?” And given your response, I’m forced to conclude you align yourself with the uber-macho stereotypes this commercial has some fun with. But can’t be sure.

      1. Great comment Tony. Luckily we don’t have to make that choice. There are many companies worthy of our hard earned money that we don’t have choose one that we find offensive. I don’t like when I feel manipulated and that’s just how I feel about Gillette’s gimmicky out sourcing of a razor they would never build themselves. I’ll enjoy my M89 and my Fatboy among others, but I’ll never give one nickel of my hard earned cash to Gillette ever again. Cheers.

  9. Mark
    I ordered the Gillette mostly out of curiosity. Like someone else said TTO,TTO.
    As far as vintage razors at flea market not in my area either.

  10. Hi Mark,
    I just did the pre-order for the Gillette, thanks for the heads up.

    When you talk to the rep keep repeating TTO, TTO, TTO, TTO…..!

      1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

        Are we certain they didn’t use a “classic” 3-piece model as the inspiration for this? Just sayin’.

        I’ve never quite understood the TTO love. I only own a couple, but never use them.

        1. To me the handle is handle looks like a “throwback” to earlier models. But they even say on their Amazon page that the head is a “Modern closed comb design is less aggressive than older open comb designs”

          1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

            My question was why did you specifically say a “classic TTO design” instead of just a classic “Gillette razor design” which could be either TTO or three piece (or I suppose two piece). That’s all.

    1. I do believe that Gillette could be testing the waters with this razor, hopefully they will see the good demand and soon we can see even an adjustable.. dreaming is free! Isn’t ?

    2. Looks like OEM of a Maggards .. that probably answers why it doesn’t look like a Classic Gillette
      But I still plunked down 35 for a preorder ?

  11. ~As far as the brushes go, uh…really? No thanks; just more craptastic gimmickry.
    ~The face mower? Huh? Why?
    ~Really looking forward to your update about the new razor but it’s only for curiosity’s sake, I’ll never again buy anything that says “Gillette” on it.

  12. I have one ordered and will wait for the reviews. I probably won’t use it right away. I still have others I haven’t used yet.

  13. OneBlade really needs to open up blade options. The FHS-10’s seem no where near the quality of Feather DE blades. I liked my first shave with it but at $0.50+/blade (if you buy 100) I don’t see it ever being a goto razor of mine.

    As for the Gillette, I’m intrigued so I ordered one. If the quality is not there on arrival I’ll just ship it back to Amazon.

    For the person stating the vintage razors are to be had cheap, not so where I am. Flea Markets and antique shops have caught on and have priced their vintage razors unreasonably high and have not been open to significant negotiations.

    1. If you go on eBay, you can find dozens of decent vintage safety razors (DE or SE) in good condition for quite reasonable prices (US $20-$30 shipped). You’re not going to get a mint Fatboy for those prices, but you can certainly find a nice Super Speed or Tech that will perform as good or better than any cartridge razor.

  14. Hello Mark,

    would you ask the Gillette rep what exactly is that head? I read people guessing that it might be an EJ, based on the agreement the two companies might have, as EJ sells Mach3 handles. In fact I doubt and think it is a cheap chinese 89 clone head.
    I also wonder what the handle is made of. I’m afraid as they emphasize stainless steel with the blade only, the handle is made of zamak just as the head. Although it looks pretty much like the common bar handles of the Gillette New razors.

    By the way the razor in the blue blister pack under your [UPDATE #2] paragraph does not say it is a Gillette razor, just that it contains a Gillette Super Blue blade(s?) and it does indeed. The sentence including Gillette at the bottom left corner must be that Gillette is a registered trademark of the Gillette company, I’ve seen that on similar packs with English text on it.


    1. My educated guess at the moment is that it’s a Muhle head on a custom handle. Muhle makes sense to me since Gillette already has a relationship with them (Muhle is sold in The Art Of Shaving stores) and Gillette can “test the waters” less expensively. But I guess I’ll find out in a couple days when I have that conference call!

  15. Is this a modern Tech? If it is I’ll give it a pass. I already have a tech and as nice as it is, it’s just too mild for my wire-brush beard.

  16. I’ve already ordered one but am wondering about the actual composition of the handle and head. Handle – chrome plated zamec or over brass? Head – zamac or something plated on zamec or over brass? I’m guessing zamec as the underlying material with chrome plated on the handle and who knows on the head.
    Also, what is the weight of the whole razor?
    Numbering system or not – good question

  17. I took the plunge on the One Blade Core special a few weeks back. After 2 weeks worth of shaves, a few impressions.
    I started shaving with a Trac II in the 70’s and this is like a millennial’s version of that. Razor is well made (worth $20 anyway) and gives a comfortable shave to be sure. The kicker is the blades. Day one shave is excellent. Days 2-5 get progressively more grabby but you still get a really nice shave. Definitely not the one and done some guys say but still, these blades run around a buck a pop.
    I’ll keep the Core in my rotation until I run out of blades, then see if I feel it’s worth dropping the $$ to continue.
    Definitely worth giving it a try if you haven’t already.

    1. Eric, I gave it a try and had the same impression. I bought the “kit” for ~ $50 found day one was a easy and magnificent BBS shave, days 2-3 were BBS but “grabby”. I didn’t try anything past day 3.

      The Company was extremely gracious about giving me a full refund. I was careful NOT to use the brush, shave cream, aftershave balm or to open any other blades. and returned everything as much as I could in its original packaging and condition. The company is trying to be a decent player , but their system was just not right for me. They DO stand by their products and return offer!!

  18. I find it only on the US Amazon site, not on .de or, which means heavy shipping charges and import fees (living in Sweden). Has anyone seen it shipping from anywhere outside of the US?

    1. Hey Anders,

      Read the brief mention on Sharpologist, so I placed an order on (US site) just a few minutes ago. The “release date” is shown as November 01, 2019.
      Here is a breakdown of the charges, for shipping to Canada:
      Order Summary
      Item(s) Subtotal:USD 34.99
      Shipping & Handling:USD 7.07
      Total before tax:USD 42.06
      Estimated tax to be collected:USD 0.00
      Import Fees DepositUSD 6.92
      Grand Total:USD 48.98
      Payment Grand Total:CAD 66.65

      Regarding the quality, the materials and fit and finish, I’ll just have to wait and see. I have vintage Gillettes, and my everyday razor is a Rockwell 6c, but I’m looking forward to testing a brand new Gillette.
      John Cahill

  19. What’s the chances of an all brass flat bottom tech or raised flat bottom tech?

    As far as I can see one of the easiest of there three piece razors to machine & still good shavers.

  20. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

    I admit I’m VERY curious to check out this new offering from Gillette. I’m in the process of moving and dealing with many expenses, so I haven’t committed just yet. But I suspect I’ll take the plunge.

    However, your constant badgering has convinced me to take advantage of the $20 OneBlade Core offer. I’m pretty excited about it. I really hope it doesn’t suck. Ha!

  21. Got up to go to the bathroom early Saturday morning and saw it somewhere on the internet. Figured what the heck and ordered it. Should arrive in early November. What are the possibilities of Gillette making this a regular occurrence? Would be interested in a TTO. I hope they use a date code. If not on this one, on future ones.

  22. Save your money. Hit a fleamarket, antique store or estate sale and buy the real deal. I bought my first vintage Gillette(NEW Short Open Comb circa 1932-40) for $5 at a fleamarket. It is also where I bought my other vintage Gillettes(Super Adjustable 109, Super Speed Black Tip, Slim Adjustable(2), OLD Single Ring Open Comb.
    I doubt this razor is gonna be that good.

    1. Exactly. There’s no way this razor is even going to be close to the classic Gillette razors that were built to last a lifetime…or two…or three.

  23. I suspect the new Gillette DE razors are made from cast Zamak alloy and chrome-plated. Although Zamak is suitable for razors it will severely corrode if the plating is chipped or damaged. I’m going to stick with my vintage brass Gillette DEs, which are still available, in excellent condition, for less than the cost of this new razor.

    1. Realistically? Pretty slim chance. A modern adjustable TTO DE razor would probably have to retail for at least $200 just to cover the cost of development and tooling. Plus the legitimate market for such a razor is so small that it would never turn a profit. We traditional shavers like to think of ourselves as a market force, but in reality, we’re just a tiny niche in Gillette’s marketing strategy.


        The WEISHI 9306-F is a real good copy of the GILLETTE Super Speed razor.
        It costs less that twenty dollars U.S. ($20.00). It is a very mild shaving razor.

      2. So true, so sad, I feel like a religious zealot at times… Only 2 converts so far.

        All the usual excuses, it’s hard to fight a billion dollar industry’s mendacity.

      3. I find the Weishi adjustable TTO (the new version) to be quite good. I’m not sure if it’s the same as the Qshave Parthenon V2 in terms of settings; the head seems to be the same but perhaps the Weishi is set to a lower aggression (?). It retails for about $25-$30 depending on where you look. Construction feels quite good for what you pay.

    1. I think this is a generic 89 copy head from China, and would be surprised if there was a Gillette logo on it. Maybe printed similarly to the Wilkinson logo last year on those Weishis.

  24. Actually, I got into safety razors because I was tired uber expensive gillette cartridges and their monopoly on razors. I’m not going back.

  25. Will the new “Heritage Inspired” follow the old date code system? The head looks quite similar to some AOS products…..ala Muhle/EJ. Where was it made?

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