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Body Hair: 4 Ways Woman’s Taste Differ from What Men Believe

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Hair. We all have it. Maybe some more than others. Nonetheless, we all have our own opinions on what to do with it, too. Some people prefer their hair long; others prefer it short. A lot of us even have opinions on what others should do with their own hair. Some men love blondes; some prefer brunettes.  Some women like their men to have a nice five o’clock shadow, others like them clean-shaven. Some women like guys with a little hair on their chest.  Others prefer none.  So, how do women’s preferences conflict with what men were raised to believe about their own body? And how have times changed?

Chest Hair

Women don’t find it as sexy as they used to. In the 1970s, women viewed chest hair much differently then they do today. They saw it as a sign of masculinity and maturity. The idea of shaving your chest was quite foreign to men. Besides body builders, most guys put their fur on display.

Now a days, it is much more common to see a man with little to no chest hair compared to one with a full coat. In my experience at the beach or a public pool, the majority of men who have chest hair tend to be about 40 years or older. In many cases, this is because the girlfriends or wives of these men either like it thick (as they are from an older generation) or don’t mind it at all.

Women, 30 or younger, tend to prefer a smooth chest to lay their head. To them, shaving makes a man (appear) younger, more hip and modern. Chest hair is now associated with the infamous “dad bod.” For a lot us, it’s old, outdated and uncool. Shaving can also be a sign of pride in one’s appearance. It might signify money and free time, which is often appealing.

Facial Hair

A clean-shaven face might please your grandma, but not your girlfriend. Most men are raised to believe that shaving is required. I can remember the boys in my Junior High School who had the first signs of a mustache. They all got totally ragged on and made fun of for sporting, what was rudely referred to as, a “guido.” Shaving was a scary step into adulthood, but it was a necessary one.

They grew up believing they had to shave their face to get the job they wanted, or to look nice at their cousin’s wedding and avoid their grandmother’s nagging.

Later, they start dating and realize that a lot of girls actually prefer scruff. Some girls are even turned on by a full-out BEARD. Suddenly, No-Shave-November becomes a real competition, and shaving is a thing of the past.

You just have to be careful what kind of style you decide to flaunt across your face. Especially if you are struggling with hair loss on the top of your head, playing with your facial hair can do you a huge favor or quite the opposite… If your hair grows in patchy on the cheeks, it’s best to avoid a beard. Maybe go for a goatee. Also, men who are adventurous enough might try to rock a handlebar mustache, or a soul patch. Don’t get me wrong, some men can pull this off but, most of the time, it looks like you’re playing a joke or trying to win a bet.

Leg and Arm Hair

A man without hair on his legs, arms or armpits is an instant turnoff for some women. Why? It comes across as being metrosexual. While it’s generally unacceptable, or freakish, to see a woman with hair under her pits or on her legs (Power to all the ladies who don’t abide by society!), the opposite goes for men. I know, I know. Gender stereotypes are engraved and ridiculous, but that’s just the way it is.

Most women like men to have hair where it’s “supposed” to be. A guy who waxes his whole body looks too feminine, and might seem too full of himself. I personally can’t imagine a hairless man without him also being jacked, sweaty and taking selfies at the gym.

Pubic Hair

A full bush should NEVER be part of the package. While we previously discussed the popularity of a shaved chest, I know a lot of women who like a little happy trail leading down to the gold. With that said, I have never met anyone who preferred a man with a full bush. Not only does it make the treasure hunt a lot harder, it comes across as being unsanitary and archaic. You don’t have to shave completely. It’s best to keep up with a nice trim down under.

Just remember, we want a man, not a Neanderthal.

I must note that all of these preferences vary from woman to woman. There are many factors that come into play in regards to what a woman likes: including, age and location. Different geographical regions have different styles.

The best way to know what your particular girl likes is to simply ask her. Trust me, she’s been waiting to give her opinion and she’ll be flattered that you did.

Sarah Williams is a 29-year-old Berlin based blogger. On Wingman , her blog for men she help busy guys of all ages to have a better dating life, create a leaner, sexier, stronger body and mind.

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2 thoughts on “Body Hair: 4 Ways Woman’s Taste Differ from What Men Believe”

  1. Hell no! I hate beard on men. they look like an old guy from the mountain or a vagabond and they also smell bad not to mention it hurts when you kiss them and irritates my face. Not sure why some women like those nasty bad looking beards but many of us like a guy to look young not old!

  2. Women cry about beauty standards forced upon them especially shaving body hair but will happily do the same to men without batting an eyelid.

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