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“Thanks for all the great videos. I was wondering where you get your double edge replacement baldes for your DE razor. I can only find them online, but I would like to find a store that carries them. Any ideas would be appriciated. “

I assume you’re in the US. Walgreens/Rite Aid/CVS, as well as most grocery stores, usually carry some kind of DE blade. The quality varies widely though, so be sure to try several different brands. However, I’ve had the best luck in terms of both price and quality by getting blades from established vendors on the internet.


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  1. Hi Trevor– That’s a real tough question to answer because different brands of blades perform differently and its also somewhat dependent on how heavy your beard is. I’ve had blades that lasted two shaves and other blades that lasted almost two weeks. The two blade brands that I usually shave with, Crystal or Derby, usually last me about a week of daily shaving. Since both are available in bulk at under $0.20/blade, you could use one a day and still spend half the money you would for a single Fusion cartridge!

  2. I am investigating getting into DE shaving and am trying to convince my significant other that this might be a cost effective way to shave even though it would definitely have somewhat of a painful learning curve. How long do blades typically last? If I shave everyday, will I need to change the blade every day? Thanks


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