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Blades: Wilkinson Sword DE Blades At Walmart

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Walmart has begun stocking Wilkinson Sword DE blades. Initial reports on the wetshaving forums indicate its not a bade blade, so I picked a pack up over the weekend and tried it this morning (Shave Of The Day: Coates Tea Tree–old formula–with a Shaveplace/Emsplace brush and my trusty Merkur Progress razor).

Yep, not a bad blade, based on one shave. A tiny bit harsh but not overly-so. I think there are a lot worse blades that go for more than the $1.79 for a pack of 10 that these are going for.  They’re made in Germany.

My only concern is…well…Walmart.  These guys are pretty ruthless when it comes to suppliers.  Walmart wants price reductions every year from their suppliers and some just can’t do it.  That’s what happened to the old Personna’s that used to be on the shelves: when Walmart dropped them, American Safey Razor Company (e.g. Personna) promptly filed for Chapter 11.  So my advice is to try a pack, and if you like them, stock up.  Because a year from now they may be on the street as well….


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9 thoughts on “Blades: Wilkinson Sword DE Blades At Walmart”

  1. You can still purchase the Personna blades via Personna's web site. They use for order fulfillment. There the blades are a litle more, $1.99 for a pack of 10, but shipping is free. I ordered a couple of packs and got them within 3 days. Also, my local grocery store (Kroger in north Texas) carries the private label Personnas under the store name. I get the Senior Discount on them, so the price is $1.79.

  2. bought some last night. As well as some Personnas — also $1.79

    I'll be making a comparson — some day.

    You see, I'm not even yet a newbie — I'm an aspirant.

    I aspire to wetshave using DE blades as soon as I can get someone to ship me a Merkur HD for a reasonable price.

    Wouldn't ya know it — as soon as I get interested in something, those damned Germans fall asleep at the switch and stop shipping 'em in quantity. . . .

  3. Contrary to the earlier claim, the cheaper aspect of traditional shaving is exactly what got me interested in it–the fact that it also happens to result in the best shave is simply icing on the cake.

    I got sick of $4 refill cartridges that I forced myself to use for 6 months, dull or not, just to avoid buying new blades.

    Given that about the most expensive DE blades I've seen online are $40 for 100 (but most others are cheaper than that), even the most expensive DE blades cost 90% less than the gazillion-blade cartridge refills.

    I got my first DE 6 months ago at an estate sale, and the Personna blades at Walmart were about the only blades I could find in stores anywhere near me (except Walgreens, but I'm pretty sure those were the exact same blades for $6.99 as opposed to $1.79), so having gotten started on the Personna blades, I'm sure I'll try these blades as well once I see them appear on the shelves.

  4. When I first started wet shaving I used Wilkinson Sword blades. They were cheap and easy to pick up at my local A&P. They did the job alright, but I had nothing to compare them to at the time. My biggest complaint was that they couldn't seem to hold an edge past a few shaves.

  5. Quite a few places up here in Canada sell them, but they're usually $10 for 10. I also don't wonder if the Walmart blades won't be different blades or go down hill over time and put a lot of people off traditional shaving because they'll pick up a boar brush, chunk of terrible soap and some future version of this blade which will not be very good. Traditional shaving for most people seems to be about getting the BEST shave, less irritation or closer, or both, not the cheapest, that's something Walmart doesn't seem to strive for.

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