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Best Fall Fashion Ideas For Gentlemen

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The autumn chill is nearing, so now is the time for the fashionable male to start looking into fall fashion to stay toasty and looking good. Here are some of the more trendy upcoming fall fashion pieces that any guy would want in his wardrobe.

It’s Sweater Time

Both the roll neck and the turtleneck sweaters are completely in for men this year, and these make a great look for any man. Pick a good thick sweater to wear alone, or a thinner material to pair with a normal sweater. If you’re a brave kind of guy, go for bold holiday sweaters.
Why go bold? The Ugly Sweater is going to be just as in this year as it was last year, so make sure you don’t miss out. People will want to know where you’re getting all of those eye-catching sweaters.

Looking At Layers

Fall is the perfect time for layers. A chill hits the air and you need to be warmer at some points of the day than others. Layers let you go from a chill morning to a warm afternoon and back to a cooler evening, without needing a complete change of clothes.
Find your favorite layers with awesome online shops like Johnnie-O, where you can find great fall essentials. Every guy needs to have a coastal vest to wear with his flannel shirt, especially when it comes to fall bonfires. Not too warm and not too cold.

Your Fall Jacket

Autumn jackets this year are looking bold and boxy. Look for leathers and sherpa for the best in warmth. If the cool weather hasn’t hit too badly yet, your flannel jacket may be good enough, or possibly even a hoodie.
Fall showers are common, and so is wind. Look for a stylish windbreaker or some great rain gear. Brown, and other colors from nature, like grays and greens, are the best options when it comes to picking your jacket color.

Wear These Pants

Pleated, skinny pants are still the style for sophisticated men. They look great with a sweater, and so would a pair of gray corduroy trousers. Corduroy is definitely the must have material for this fall.
You may not realize it, but trousers of all kinds can work perfectly in place of jeans anytime. Don’t settle on being a jeans guy when you can add a little extra style with a pair of stylish pants.

Don’t Forget Shoes

You’ll also want to pick the right pair of shoes to finish your outfit off with. Before the snow starts to fall, get some time in with your loafers. If you’re stuck in your jean wearing ways, cowboy boots are an excellent look for fall days and nights.
Patent leather shoes are another great fall option for fully covered feet. But put them up in trade for some winter boots when the snow starts to fly.
Don’t let the fall weather sneak up on you before you get a chance to fill your closet with some of these great autumn fashion ideas. Trends come back some years, so go through some of your packed up gear as well. You could be the next trend setter!


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  1. No, turtlenecks don’t look good on “every man”, and ugly holiday sweaters? Really?
    I think someone’s confused “gentlemen” for “20-something hipster”.

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