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Diversion: The Best Beards Of The NFL

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The beard movement has swept through hipster culture, motorcycle and car culture, the country gun carrying culture, the sport culture–the list goes on. Some people say the beard is back, some say it never left. You may be thinking you want to grow a beard and, by all means, you should, but before you do, consider these beard giants. All beards are cool but none are as cool as the NFL beards.

Badge Of Honor

The NFL is seeing a new rivalry on the gridiron and it’s not between teams it’s between players. Not the players themselves or their respective positions but their beards, their fantastic playoff beards. In the NFL having an awesome playoff beard is a badge of honor.
If you weren’t paying attention to all the great NFL beard action last season it’s not too late start. Fans are excited about the beard potential this season. If this list proves anything it’s that the beard talent is spread far and wide this season, and you’re going to want to see all of it.
Fans are so excited–they don’t want to miss any beards this season, and they want every game. Many are opting for sports packages, like DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET, just to be sure they get full access to games and behind-the-scenes news.
If you’re not sure it’s worth it here’s a list of some beards sure to prove it’s value. In no particular order, here are some of the best beards in the NFL:

Nick Mangold

Nick Mangold is the New York Jet’s center and his beard is spectacular. A reddish blonde waterfall streaming down his face and neck give him the look of a Viking King, and the five time Pro Bowler that he is. If his beard is any indication of his spirit, the other side should run. This beard is coming right at you and it’s not stopping for anything. Mangold’s might be one of the strongest, if not the strongest, beards in the game today.

Bret Keisel

Pittsburgh fans are excited about the year and they should be, their looking very strong this season. But they have more to be excited about than a good shot at seeing the super bowl, they have Brett Keisel and his magnificent beard. It the perfect mix of mad man and savage. This beard is protecting the defensive line and holding its own. Keisel knows his beard is king of the field telling ABC news that his was “bar none” the best beard in sports. Not just football mined you, but all of sports. Bold claim Brett, but he’s certainly man enough to defend that statement.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Buffalo’s Fitzpatrick knows beards. His might not be the biggest beard in the game, his might not be the craziest beard in the game, but his is certainly one of the best beards in the game. So good in fact it has given him his very own nickname, The Amish Rifle. This power beard has yet to lead the Buffalo’s to the playoffs yet, but the beard is certainly ready for the proposition. Then again it might just be how he stays warm in those frigid north eastern winters.

Ed “Too Tall” Jones

Dallas Cowboy’s defensive end, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, has been selected for 3 Pro Bowls, the same number of All Pro awards, a Super Bowl ring, and one hell of a beard. You can see Jones’s beard crushing opponents dreams on the field and you can also catch him ring side. When his beard isn’t crushing offensive lines on the field, it’s knocking people unconscious in the ring. “Too Tall” Jones entered the ring and won six fights with five KO’s. Like the Samson of legend the power is the hair.

Jake Plummer

This Denver alumni quarterback, Jake Plummer, will be remembered for his best season in 2005 when he lead the Bronco’s to a 13-3 record. More than that he will be remembered for his crazy mustache and his full power beard. With his long hair whipping around and his beard in full bloom he gave the appearance of a man possessed, and for at least one season he was.

Jeff Saturday

Jeff Saturday had a stellar career with both the Colts and the Green Bay Packers. His beard hiked the ball for two of the best quarterbacks in the game, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, and now that same beard works for ESPN. The beard has seen a lot of football and his beard knows a lot about football. His beard is a mark of a legend.

Franco Harris

Pittsburgh has the Steeler’s NFL franchise and Franco Harris has a beard of steel. This was a very good match. Over his eight year career he rushed for over 12,000 yards, running more than 1000 yards in 8 straight seasons, and scored 99 TDs. He is a Hall of Fame inductee and his beard is there too. Neither of which will ever be forgotten.

Dan Fouts

He and his beard found San Diego and never left. Dan Fouts’s beard throw for over 43,000 yards, completing 254 TDs. His beard lead him to the NFL’s MVP in 1982, 6 Pro Bowls, and the hall of fame. This beard can still be seen analyzing it’s favorite game with CBS Sports.

Randy Moss

He was a Viking and his beard understood that. He was a 49er and his beard understood that too. Randy Moss’s beard just might be one of the best beards to ever play football. The beard can easily fit the mold of a raider and a miner. It looks good short, it looks good long. It’s so good all the time, I’m pretty sure it can be anything it wants.

Ed Reed

His beard lead him to the Super Bowl, his beard won that Super Bowl. Black as the raven his team was named after, and just as impressive. Ed Reed‘s beard was a Texan and that was a ok fit, but not not right yet. His beard moved to The Jets and felt better. Maybe the beard loves speed, and with 64 career interceptions and 7 TDs, i think it might have found its home.


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