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BebeLush Returns, With A Discount For Sharpologist

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bebelush bay rum
Back in February I wrote about BebeLush, an excellent shaving soap that had a Bay Run scent, “with a twist.” They’re back, this time offering Sharpologist readers a $5 off coupon!  Just follow THIS LINK for your coupon and instructions on how to redeem it.


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3 thoughts on “BebeLush Returns, With A Discount For Sharpologist”

  1. Doesn’t seem to lather up to well. Used a boar brush and had a ruff shave. Lubrication wasn’t too great so maybe I don’t understand how to use a soap correctly? First soap I’ve ever tried.

  2. Vasilis, I’d be more than happy to ship you one of our soaps. Not sure how much shipping will be, and if it will make it prohibitive for you, but if you’d like to try, email your mailing address to adriana @ (remove spaces) and I’ll let you know how much it would cost to ship to your location. Regards.

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