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Barbershop Shave Prep

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3 thoughts on “Barbershop Shave Prep”

  1. I like the touch of adding a base layer of lather under the wet towel. This looks like a great weekend addition to my shaving ritual. Thanks again for your tips.

  2. Would u still do this after a shower. I never shave without showering first.
    I’m still new to the wet shaving and I’m loving it so far. Just need to figure out more things about it.
    I finally got some good blades in this weekend. I’m sure that will change the way I do things.

    Thanks again for all of your videos and post about this way of shaving.

  3. Hey! The comment on the end obscures The Babe! 😉

    I do agree, the hot towel did change my shaves and helps me reduce the usage of blades (I use Feathers which cost a bit too much – and I use two blades per week).

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