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Aside: Shaving Brush Tables

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We’ve received reports that the embedded tables on the shaving brush buyer’s guides were not displaying properly.  It should be straightened out now (at least I can see them in IE and Chrome–I don’t have Firefox on my PC at the moment).  You may have to clear your browser’s cache and/or restart your browser.  If you still have trouble please leave a reply here.


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6 thoughts on “Aside: Shaving Brush Tables”

  1. Got a link to the tables? Couldn’t find them by searching for “shaving brush tables” on your site… can you post a direct link here? Thanks!

  2. Sorry this is “off topic,” but I did not know what else to do. The RSS feed is not working and I wanted you to know. I have several RSS feeds on my computer, and all work fine except yours. So I clicked on the RSS button on your page, thinking maybe it was related to moving the site, but all I got was a page full of gobbledygook preceded by the following message — quote — “This page contains the following errors: error on line 223 at column 34: Entity ‘nbsp’ not defined.” Whatever that means !! Thanks.

  3. Getting better. Right now I can see the Simpon and Vulvix tables but not the T&H. This is weird indeed. Again, the rest of the site seems to work great along with every other web page I visit. Safari on Mac.

  4. I am still not getting the shaving brush tables even after clearing
    the cache. It seems to be OK for a short time and then disappears. I use Firefox. Now I can view Simpsons but not
    Truefitt and Hill. In my previous email to you Truefitt and Hill was OK but not Simpsons. Something is not quite right.

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