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Aside: RazorPOD, A Kickstarter Project

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Several people have pointed me to a recent Kickstarter project, RazorPOD.  It proposes a device that extends razor blade life by keeping it dry between uses.  I’m all for promoting shaving-related products so take a look at their information at the link.


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2 thoughts on “Aside: RazorPOD, A Kickstarter Project”

  1. It should work to keep the blade drier, and prevent corrosion. The claim that shaving does not dull the blade is questionable. Microtomes use double edged blades to generate paraffin preserved sections of tissue . NO water is ever involved, yet the blades are dull after a finite number passes through the wax, and need changing. This device certainly won’t shorten blade life any.

    1. Yes, the physical act of shaving does dull the blade, although not as egregiously as rusting does. But this is where stropping comes in; stropping the blades (using a pair of jeans for this purpose is frequently recommended) in addition to keeping them dry in between shaves (some people use rubbing alcohol and/or mineral oil for this purpose) can easily extend the life of a single cartridge to 12+ months.
      This device looks interesting because it does away with the messiness of the alcohol/mineral oil method, and can even be stored in the shower for individuals who mount a shaving mirror inside their shower and shave that way.

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