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Announcement: Traditional Shaving (+ more!) Get Together

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If you are in the Chicago area, or can make it there, circle Thursday, 10 November on your calendar!

A major “lifestyle” event that will include traditional shaving is being coordinated by Anthony from Merz Apothocary, Geo from Shavenation, the Palmer House hotel, and Men’s Book Chicago!  Details are still being worked out but from what I’m told they are planning presentations on things like bespoke clothing, fine cigars, high-end liquors…and a major focus will be on traditional shaving.  They want to bring in barber chairs to be set around the Palmer House’s mezzanine with barbers offering straight razor shaves, various vendors with giveaways, some kind of tasting event, and a room specifically for traditional shaving aficionados from the web forums to meet.

And they have asked me to conduct a presentation on traditional shaving!  In fact there might be two: one for the “general” event and one in the room with the web forum users.

Details are still very much in flux right now, so stay tuned for more updates.


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7 thoughts on “Announcement: Traditional Shaving (+ more!) Get Together”

  1. Oh god, Geofatboy is going to be there? This is going to be a convention promoting his overpriced low-quality shaving items than it is going to be about shaving stories, techniques, common interests. etc…

  2. Consider my calendar marked!

    I just live a few blocks away and would never have know about this. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Do you know if there will be any costs associated with the event?

    I am about 25 miles out from the loop, and would love to know if I should start setting up a slush fund for this event.

    Thanks Mark,

    -Brian V. aka NoviceNose

  4. Hi, I'm a new Chicago wet shaver and follower of your blog. I'm marking my calendar for the event. The Palmer House is a fine location and great hotel if you plan on staying there (I'm in the hotel business, but at a corporate level). Thanks for all you do, I find it very helpful.

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