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Aside: My ALS Video And The T-Shirt

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I was recently challenged to do the “ALS ice bucket dunk” by a number of people and here is my response video (instead of the typical response, mine was inspired by Sir Patrick Stewart).  ALS is better known as  Lou Gehrig’s disease in the US.
A number of people have commented and emailed me about the “Shave Like A Mantic59” T-shirt I wear in the video. That shirt was a gift from Rob at Shaveology. Rob has recently decided to dramatically shift direction in his career by becoming a barber. You can follow his experiences on the Shaveology blog.
He also sells other shaving-related T-shirts as well! His Zazzle store front is HERE. Although my T-shirt was custom-made, he may be willing to release the design if there is enough call for it. Leave a comment if you are interested!


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  3. Oh. Yes I would so love a “Shave Like Mantic59” t-shirt. Would be so cool to wake up and put it on and get a great BBS.

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