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Advocacy: I Hate Shaving!

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Every now and then I enter the phrase “I hate shaving” into Google (the actual search parameter is “i hate shaving” -legs) and look at the results for the past week or so.  The results are illuminating…and furtile ground for some raging shaving advocate like me to respond to blog entries or forum posts.  What have you done to advocate traditional shaving?


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7 thoughts on “Advocacy: I Hate Shaving!”

  1. I think there are several ways to go about it, though it's a little strange to bring up any kind of grooming routine in regular conversation with anyone you're not VERY close to.

    So I've decided that as a general rule, I will give out shave brushes and creams as gifts for Christmas, Father's Day, weddings, births or other momentous occasions to friends and relatives. My uncle and I are planning on turning a couple of handles out next weekend and setting knots from in them. The more expensive knot is for me, but the less expensive one will be given to my stepfather for Father's Day.

  2. I used to like wet shaving, that was 4 years ago. Now it's become just another business. Prices have sky rocketed since then. If I can't have the stuff I want. The brushes that really good out there i.e, shavemac, saville row, rooney, simpson, etc…the good safety razors and the good creams. Otherwise I'm just wasting my time and money on unnecessary crap. Its how I'm starting to feel. I was alright with the mach3 and it's blades. They know have become cheaper then safety razors.

  3. It's kind of ironic; before discovering wet shaving I shaved as little as possible and rarely on weekends, now I enjoy shaving and especially like doing it on weekends, yet don't seem to be able to do it enough due to life being busy.

  4. Shaving comes up on 4chan's /f/ (fashion) message board every week or so. When it does I post advice and links to Mantic59's youtube channel.

  5. Did you see the latest shaving razor-gadget that's out there? I think it's through Gillette. Now you can have (for a low-low price I am sure) your very own razor with your favorite MLB team logo on it.

    I'm rolling my eyes lots just thinking about it.

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