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Advice: Soaps, Brushes

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“crimsontearz82” asks:
These are just a few questions, not so much to be added on a video but just for my own knowledge.

1) I saw you mentioned that DH Arlington was a favorite soap. I’ve been thinking of getting this for some time now. Can you explain what makes it stick out for you as to be one of your favorites?

2) Do you prefer using soaps or creams?

3) Between the different types of hair that can be used (Boar, Pure, Best, Super, Silvertip Badger) which would you say is your favorite?
4) I noticed in your most recent video that you were using a larger Shavemac brush. I have a 28mm 177 by Shavemac and I am trying to justify using that as my daily brush as it’s like I’m using a soft pillow to distribute my lather. Some say I’m crazy for doing so. Do you often use a bigger brush or was that just a special occasion?
I like DR Harris Arlington mainly for the scent, but it does lather up wonderfully easily too.

I don’t really have a preference between soaps and creams, though I do find myself using soaps more in the summer and creams more in the winter for some reason.

Between the different hair types I definitely prefer the best/super range. Silvertip is nice but a luxury. Boar and pure don’t hold enough water for my convenience.

I have a couple large brushes but I find myself using smaller brushes more often because they are easier to control (not so much lather ending up in my ears or up my nose).


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  1. I have 5 synthetic-bristle brushes of the "artificial badger" variety: Edwin Jagger, men-ü, Omega (2), and TOBS. Indeed, I now recommend the Omega 643167 as the ideal beginner brush.

    These new synthetics are, for me, every bit as good as silvertip badger. YMMV.

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