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Advice: Shaving Around A Scar Or A Mole

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George writes:

I am sure that you have already been asked about this and answered it, but what is the best was to go about shaving around facial irregularities?

When I first started DE shaving my biggest concern was a large scar I have across my chin from a car accident. I had tried my father DE not long after the accident and managed to cut it up pretty good. I found out that that was just because of poor technique at the time.

Now that I have been DE shaving for a bit I can just glide over the scar with no problem, thing is I have another facial obstacle that I never worried about with my multi bladed razors, or the DE until recently. I have a mole, non cancerous, on my cheek just inside the edge of my beard. It isn’t a problem most of the time, but every now and then I catch it and being a mole it bleeds like a stuck pig.

Any suggestions on dealing with these facial imperfections? Not just my scar and mole, but ideas for anyone who may have similar problems.

I have a mole as well. Medically-speaking a cut mole isn’t harmful (other than bleeding like you said)–this from a physician on one of the shaving boards (SMF). My general advice has always been to make one swipe at it on your with-grain pass and avoid it for the rest of the shave.


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6 thoughts on “Advice: Shaving Around A Scar Or A Mole”

  1. I’ve been thinking of getting a straight razor to clean up around a mole.
    Right now, I just go over it with my old disposable after I do my DE shaving.
    I’m still new to DE shaving, though, so it’s possible my skills might improve enough for me to handle it without a straight razor.

  2. I had a mole right on my chin for years, such that it was nearly impossible to shave without cutting it open and causing bleeding. When I was referred to a dermatologist for an unrelated reason, she decided to remove it, which was a painless two minute process: freezing and then a swipe with the scalpel. It's such an improvement–so much hassle and bleeding avoided!

  3. What about acne? I remember when I had acne, even a WTG shave would slice the top off and cause it to bleed profusely.

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  5. Some time ago (6 years) I had some oral surgery during which my lymph glands & saliva glands were removed. Consequently I have an 8" scar (almost from ear to ear) under my chin. More often than not I manage to nick myself rather badly and bleed like I've severed the carotoid artery ! This is where the alum block and styptic pencil come in really handy, invaluable to my shaving routine.

  6. Saxual Chocolate

    I don't have any moles or anything. But being a black man I had really bad shave bumps from irritation with the multi-blade. And when I first started DE shaving I would nick so bad. Then I started using a pre-shave oil (Art of Shaving) and a more mild/forgiving blade (Crystal). That helped out a lot. Less nicks and irritation.

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