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Advice: Loading a Progress

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Rossa asks:

My Progress arrived yesterday and it looks great although there is one problem, when I insert the blade the blade exposure is not even do you know if this is a common problem? I only noticed this after my first shave with it this morning, which I found to be somewhat aggressive despite the fact I was using it on the lowest setting. I am wiondering if this is more a result of the blade which was an Astra superior platinum. I would be very grateful if you could advise me on this as I would be reluctant to dismiss the razor completely on the basis of one shave. Also if you dont mind my asking, is there a reason why you dont use a progress in any of your youtube videos. I know you mention its your personal favorite in the adjustable razor video, but I cannot find any videos which you actually shave with it. Thanks for all your help and advice.

I wouldn’t call it a common problem but I have definitely heard about this kind of thing with many Merkur razors, including the Progress.   There is one thing your can try: when you put in a blade and put the head into the handle, rest a finger on top as you’re screwing it down to help stablize the head. If the blade exposure is still very uneven then you need to check about getting a replacement razor.
The reason I don’t use the Progress much in my videos is that it tends to confuse new shavers because the angle you hold the razor at is pretty different compared to other razors (as you see, it bends the blade quite dramatically so you have to hold the razor differently). If someone tried to shave at that angle with a “regular” razor they would probably get more cuts and irritation


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  1. Secret Guide to Shaving

    I have heard of two accounts of online retailers selling knock-off fine shaving Chinese merchandise. You need to contact the company you purchased this item from. Merkur products have some serious QC measures and I'm 99% you've got a fake.

  2. I had my Progress modified to become a Mergress (see Badger & Blade) and now have no issues with the seating of the blade or the accuracy of the settings.

  3. As a vendor and a user of the short handled Progress (amongst three short handled Progress users in our office) I don't think I've ever seen a short handled Progress with even blade exposure and I believe this is a nuance of that particular razor. I didn't even notice until I looked closer at mine and I had been using it for a couple of years (which shows how it didn't affect my shave in any noticeable way)! See

  4. About your article Advice: Loading a Progress the person sounded sorta new and I was thinking on my progress you have to line up the marks on the side of the head of razor before screwing down the head. Could this leed to the off set blade.

  5. I own both the Progress and the Long Handle Progress. I have not noticed an irregularity in the blade seating in either head. However, I would caution the user to note the proper seating of the head by observing the "triangle" on the body and the "vertical line" on the head are proper. If they are opposed, you will get inconsistant blade exposure.

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