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Advice: Hot Water & Shaving Brushes

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Baseem writes:

Are silvertip brushes sensative to heat? for example if I were to place a coffee mug over a tea kettle on a portable burner and letting the water and steam inside the tea kettle heat up the outside and inside of the mug. If I were to place my brush inside and keept it there for the lentgh of my shave, that would damage the hairs on the silvertip, right?

Also, I’ve noticed a change of scenery of your videos. Did you guys renovate your bathroom or something? It looks different from your older videos.

Shaving brushes are indeed sensitive to heat, specifically boiling-hot water. I know of several people who have ruined brushes by pouring boiling water into a mug and immediately dropping their brush in to soak. I don’t really know the exact temperature that the damage begins, but personally I wouldn’t go any hotter than what my skin could tolerate. My rule-of-thumb is if its too hot for me to touch, its too hot for the brush.

Our house has two bathrooms. My older videos where done in the master bathroom off our bedroom. It is nice and big but I do most of my video work at night and my wife often goes to bed early (she works in a hospital and cycles through early/late shifts) and I didn’t want to wake her up while I work. So I moved my video setup to our small bathroom at the other end of the house. Its not nearly as “photogenic” as the larger bathroom but I can use it any time I want.


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  1. I agree that boiling water is way too hot for a shaving brush. I tend to treat a shaving brush like I would the hair on my head. If the water is too hot to pour on my head, I won't use it on my brush.

    However, a certain degree of hot water helps to soften the bristles.

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