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Advice From A Master Barber, Part 2!

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9 thoughts on “Advice From A Master Barber, Part 2!”

  1. All- I'm working on several work-arounds about the sound quality. An audio engineer has offered his services to try to clean up the audio. I'm also working on a caption file for youtube. A caption file is kind of time consuming to make though.

  2. I've watched most of your videos and I'm big fan of yours and I really hope that you are going to write or make a movie about the advices that the professional barber gave you because it's hard to hear everything that he says. Especially at the 7-th minute of the second video that he explain what we should do after shaving and other tips about avoiding the razor bumps because that's a big problem for me and my sensitive skin. Thank you again and I'm looking forward your post.

  3. Another great video. I use a mug with a soap for my cream but by the time I am ready to lather up my face, it is usually not very warm. Any suggestions for keeping my lather warm aside from keeping the mug in hot water? That doesn't seem to work too well for me. I am intrigued about the hot lather machines. Any suggestions on brands and the cream to use with them?

    Thanks again Mantic.

  4. As a very new wet shaver I have found that soaps seem to be the popular way to go. However I see that the master shaver uses some type of a dispenser and lather? What is he using?

  5. Hi Mantic. This is Andres for Chile Southamerica. Thank you very much for posting this video. I've been watching all your videos and now I'm into wetshaving full time. It is kind of hard getting good products in Chile but Internet has been quite helpful.
    Thanks again!


  6. I asked AOS about taping a shave and they turned me down flat. T&H, including CEO Todd Fisher, was *very* accomodating. Yes, I will be posting a summary of the advice in a seperate post.

  7. Well done on this video. I know T&H, Trumpers etc have a no photography/video policy usually. It's a shame the background music spoils it slightly. As a suggestion, perhaps you could also detail in another blog post what the master barber says. I'm sure as you were there, it's easy to hear what he says as you almost remember from the first time.

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