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Advice From A Master Barber, Part 1

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11 thoughts on “Advice From A Master Barber, Part 1”

  1. Mark,
    Great video, a question you mostly advocate on using a brush for generating lather whereas the master barber did not, is it because he had prepped your face well enough and the lather itself is hot.

  2. I will be altering the audio with some tools my video editor has to make it more understandable (I did it with Part 2 and it seem to improve the audio quite a bit). I will then re-upload the video to youtube. I'm also planning a blog post with a summary of the barber's advice.

  3. like ajikiri, I have problems to understand the barber.
    Perhaps, creating a subtitle is a good way? At least for important passages…

  4. another great video!

    personally i have one problem: his voice is deep/low and together with the sounds in the background it is kind of hard to understand him for a non-native speaker (i am german).
    so i have to watch this a few times to understand all the things he is telling you. will try different sources (headphones, pc-speakers, high end sound system) as well.

    as i said it could be a pretty personal problem but it is also a suggestion for your forthcoming vids.

    think of your foreign followers. (i know you do. 😉 )

    anyway, the video is great as always, i love what you are doing but this is kind of hard for me.

    also the thing that he doesn't use a straight razor (see comment above) is pretty funny.
    why is it not allowed to use a straight razor in some states?

    ok, enough for tonight, keep up the good work.

  5. Excellent stuff! It's fascinating to hear what a real professional has to say as he goes about the shave so deftly. Makes me feel like I'm hacking away at my face every morning!

  6. Its against the law in most states to use a steel straight razor for sanitary reasons. Hence the shavette

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