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Advice: Easy-To-Lather Soaps, and A Shavemaster Alternative

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Garan writes:

Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend a shave soap to use for a quick 10 minute shave in the morning? Also I was wondering if you had a recommendation for a brush similar to the Shavemaster brush for Method Shaving?

I’ve discovered that there are a number of very fine soaps that can be lathered quickly and easily. Most glycerin-based soaps will work well: the soap I use in my “The Ten Minute Traditional Wetshave” video
 is a $2 Van Der Hagen glycerin shaving soap:

Most “artisan” shave soaps (i.e.,,, etc) are usually very easy to lather. Crabtree & Evelyn shaving soaps are effortless for me. DR Harris shaving soap (which is actually a tallow-based soap) is also exceptionally easy for me to lather. Hope that helps!
As for a good Method shaving brush other than Shavemaster, any large, flat-topped (vs. bulb-shaped) brush should work fine. Rooney comes to my mind first in this regard.


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4 thoughts on “Advice: Easy-To-Lather Soaps, and A Shavemaster Alternative”

  1. Now a days there are so many types of soaps and that is why we can choose soap according to our choice and skin type so that we can get best result. The post that you have created over here is really nice and it contains useful information as well.

  2. I've found the single most important step in shaving for me is proper hydration of the skin before applying the lather. I've tried a quick splash but it doesn't work. I soak a towel in the hottest water I can stand and the hold it to my face for at least a minute. Then I apply the lather.

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