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Advice: Collapsible Tupperware?

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Charles writes:

I recently got hooked on shaving with a safety razor after reading an article in Money magazine and viewing some of your videos. Great information by the way. Anyway I have been searching for good items to use while I travel. I am currently in the Army and travel quite a bit. For lather the stick or samples from Truefitt and Hill work great. Bringing a brush, no problem. However having a container to mix the lather in is hard. Until I found the perfect solution. Space-saving collapse able tupperware. I bought a small one and it works great. Now I can mix cream into a lather, just like at home, while on the road. Just thought I would pass the tip along.

Thanks for your message.  I’m glad you like the videos and you’re enjoying your shaves now (not to mention your service to the country)!  Collapsible Tupperware?  I never heard of it so I googled it.  Rubbermaid makes something similar.  Brilliant!!  Here are some examples from Amazon:



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2 thoughts on “Advice: Collapsible Tupperware?”

  1. Mantic,

    I am glad I found you on youtube…I thought I was a "sickO" for being so into shaving. It is nice to see that I am not alone.

    I wanted to tell you about a website I found. Not a ton to offer, but their are deals to be had for sure. Here it is:

    Gary In Oxford, CT

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