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Advice: Cleaning Razors

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A YouTube viewer asks:

I would love to buy an automatic cleaner for my razor, I know they have jewelry ultrasonic cleaners, but which one works the best, which one do you use, and where can I find a good one and good priced, but will really do the job.

Generally-speaking you want to find a relatively powerful ultrasonic cleaner: I would say the minimum would be 60 watts. You can try a smaller cleaner but you will probably have to run a razor through several cycles (I have a 35W unit I found at Bed Bath Beyond a few years ago and I almost aways have to run razors through a 3 minute cycle at least twice). Your best bet on finding a good unit is probably something like a google shopping link. Michael (“Leisureguy”) can offer a little more detail: here is a link to a post he did a couple years ago about ultrasonic cleaners.


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3 thoughts on “Advice: Cleaning Razors”

  1. Ultra Sonic cleaners WILL sanitize your razor- I work at a hospital and we use one exclusively to clean surgical instruments.

    Blood pathogens last only hours on a surface such as metal, you need not worry about getting "infected" from someone else's blood that's days or months old.

    Rust can harm you if you happen to nick yourself.

    However, dish detergent and a toothbrush should be the only regular cleaning of a DE razor that you need to carry out. It should remove soap scum and sanitize it the same way that your forks and knives get cleaned in the dish washer.

    Just my $0.02.

  2. James J. Pirretti

    I have a Harbor Freight ultrasonic cleaner and it works great. However, don't use any ultrasonic on a razor that has painted numbers or anything painted you want to keep. The cleaner will take it right off.

  3. It depends on what you're trying to clean. Ultrasonic cleaners are good but can also remove paint or anything that's slightly lose and they won't remove corrosion or anything that's sticky. Harbor Freight is a good source for ultrasonic cleaners and supplies. Scrubbing Bubbles is good for a weekly removal of soap scum. Neither Scrubbing Bubbles or an ultrasonic cleaner will sanitize your razor. Remember that razors can have traces of blood from someone using the razor and getting a nick. Use Barbicide (the jar of blue stuff you see at the barber shop) or if there are no plastic parts, put them in a pressure cooker for 15 to 20 minutes.

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