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Advice: Aftershave?

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A Youtube viewer writes:

I like using a sensitive skin aftershave balm (now I’m using Nivea in the white bottle) but I’m starting to think it doesnt moisturize enough… Do you have any recommendations? What are the nice brand ones?

First try applying a bit of the Nivea to your face before you go to bed. If that doesn’t help there are a number of good aftershaves: Art of Shaving, Truefitt & Hill, Lucky Tiger, or most of the “artisan” makers (Al’s, Shaveplace, Enchante, etc.). Probably the most moisturizing aftershave I’ve used is the Aftershave Conditioner from Enchante, though its expensive (but worth it IMHO if you have really dry skin).


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9 thoughts on “Advice: Aftershave?”

  1. " Use it as a what? That's not what you're supposed to do with it!"

    I have never laughed so hard at an internet post. Bravo.

    I think I'll have to look for Art of Shaving sandalwood aftershave just to have a good laugh every time I shave.

    Honestly, Anonymous, my sides hurt.

  2. Zirh Soothe does the job for me. It smells amazing and cures any shaving bump over a couple days. Of course, it is very expensive, about $32 a bottle. But that doesn't mean there aren't any good aftershaves for less.

    Everyman Jack is a good one for less than $5. But it does have alcohol in it I believe and doesn't hydrate as well.

  3. folks, "do it yourself" cama across the ocean to europe. create your aftershave yourself! search the net for the right formula! I am making the shaving soap myself and my aftershave-balm too. search youtube or google for lye soap making and aloe vera balms. don't waste money for commerical products you don't know what's in it.

  4. I too use Nivea Post Shave balm, but more to relieve the sting of the razor than to moisturize my skin. For moisture, I use Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion.

  5. The smell of Art of Shaving sandalwood aftershave is like a narcotic to my wife so I use it as a colon, but it's a bit sticky.

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