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A Traditional Straight Shave at Razors Barbershop (Boston)

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From a posting I saw on Reddit.  A well-produced video!


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11 thoughts on “A Traditional Straight Shave at Razors Barbershop (Boston)”

  1. I have gone to this place, the owner is super friendly and is very passionate about his trade. I got a great shave. I didn’t understand at first why he asked me if I would perfer him to use the brush or not, until he explained to me that Mass doesn’t allow the use of one for sanitation reason, but most states do. He said it is the way it is “supposed” to be done, but will only use it once prior to the shave to avoid contact with possible blood. so he chooses to bend the rule a bit and ask the customer which they perfer. I thought it was a cool way to go about it. I didn’t see much of a problem with it so I opted to go for it. Glad I did, I felt like a dude from Mad Men lol. I hope my post isn’t blowing up hos spot and going to get him in trouble.

    1. I think asking you beforehand is a good way to go about it. But yeah, maybe posting about how a barber does you a favor that the state wouldn’t be thrilled about isn’t the best move.

        1. It was in the video, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Doesn’t seem like he’s too worried about it!

  2. Awesome video! How do they get away with using a brush to apply the lather to the face? I thought there was some law prohibiting that practice? Evidently that’s state-specific?

  3. Mark, I miss your old blog. I miss it so much that hurts. To be honest with you, I just don’t see anything different that you’re doing here, that you did with your old blog. You mentioned you couldn’t do stuff on there that you’re doing now and that was why you switched.
    I just hate having to jump through 3-4 different webpages just to see your awesome posts. I’m really not finding anything helpful in this place, no offense meant, but that’s just how I personally feel. I guess I’ve seen and done it all that nothing intrigues me on wet shaving anymore. I’ve always said that things need to be kept simple in order to be successful.

    1. There’s actually a way to just read my (or any specific author) posts. If you look at the “Recent Contributing Authors” section on the right column and click an author’s name, you will see all their posts.

      1. I like the new format a lot. It is an aesthetic improvement. I would suggest that your critic try getting an RSS feed to your site and then he can see new posts on his reader (I use Google Reader). If it doesn’t look like something he wants to read he won’t have to go to your site. I read all the new stuff you post and I don’t have to click even once most of the time!

  4. I’m proud to say that’s my barber; he really knows his s*** about shaving. Razors is awesome; it puts a modern twist on the traditional barber shop. For those questioning the razor and blade, I believe he uses disposable single-edge blades due to hygienic concerns.

  5. Nothing to do with this, but worth mentioning that as a possible indication of the growing popularity of traditional wet shaving, the long awaited season premier of Mad Men highlighted the main character, Don Draper, receiving a badger shave brush from his children for his birthday. A separate scene later in the program showed him using it to apply lather to his face. The scene ended before any razor made an appearance. This series takes place in the 1960s. Presumedly it would have been a DE razor (as seen in a prior episode from a previous season), but at least nice to see him not using some aerosolized muck. Even my wife was impressed with this nod to more traditional shaving techniques.

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