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A Popular Razor – A Feather AS-D2 Review

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feather as-d2

My recent article on the most popular double edge razors by sales included the Feather AS-D2 razor.  Here is my take on that razor.

Feather AS-D2 Razor Specs

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Feather’s own website is pretty skimpy when it comes to specifications for the AS-D2.

Amazon’s description is full of puffery but no real specifications, either.

Seki Edge, Feather’s North American distributor, offers a bit more detail:

  • Razor Length: 98mm/3.9″
  • Razor Head Length: 43mm/1.7″
  • Razor Head Width: 25mm/1″

My digital kitchen scale shows the AS-D2 coming in at about 3.2 oz (90 grams).

So it’s essentially a three-piece double edge razor with a 3.5 inch handle.

The AS-D2 is fully stainless steel, handle and head (not just the handle like some razors that advertise themselves as “stainless steel”).

My Experience With The Feather AS-D2

I was initially disappointed with the performance the Feather AS-D2 double edge razor.  I knew it had a reputation as a very “mild” razor but at first it was difficult for me to get any kind of decent shave out of it (and I like mild razors) and I considered selling it off.  Then I tried it with a Feather Hi Stainless double edge blade.  The scary-sharp Feather blade, a tiger in most razors, becomes a kitten in the AS-D2.   The AS-D2 matches perfectly with a Feather blade!  It’s “mild” but “efficient” at the same time.

The combination of the razor’s small blade gap and the blade’s highly efficient edge gives me the feeling that I’m hardly shaving at all: it almost feels like I’m shaving without a blade but the stubble still disappears.  I do have to be somewhat mindful of my shave using this razor but for a leisurely, luxurious double edge experience the AS-D2 works well.

I find the fit-and-finish, weight and balance of this razor excellent: enough “heft” to feel solid in my hand, with the balance weighted toward the head where I like it.  Speaking of the head, I think the design and engineering of the Feather AS-D2 head is noteworthy.


The Feather All Stainless is in it’s second generation now (that’s where the “D2” comes from).  You may find a range of prices for the AS-D2 set.  This is partly because there are slight variations in the “kit”–some include a custom stand or a special gift package for example.  You can find the razor alone for less but be sure you’re comparing applies-to-apples when shopping.


Not long ago the Feather AS-D2 All Stainless Steel razor was considered the high-end double edge razor.  Now it’s practically “bargain basement” in its class: the past couple of years have seen an explosion of artisan-made, luxury-priced razors with premium materials (like stainless steel or titanium).

This razor is well-designed and well-built but has a reputation as being very mild.  You will want to use a high performance blade for best results.

This razor is widely available from many online retailers including Amazon, Bullgoose, Smallflower, Fendrihan, Maggard, and West Coast Shaving.



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15 thoughts on “A Popular Razor – A Feather AS-D2 Review”

  1. Recently purchased the Feather ASD2. Definitely the best shave I have ever had. I use the Merkur 34C HD on my face and the Merkur 23C Long Handle on my head. Use Feather blades on my face and Astra on my head. (Throw the Astra away after each shave as I have very thick and fast growing hair and I have to shave it every morning same as my beard). The head is more of a problem, but I love the shaved look so experimented with a Parker 96. The feather blows them all away. Can use the Astra and two pass shave on my head – I was taking up of 4 passes with the Merkur! Feather blades in the Feather just mows the hair away. Also fantastic on the face and throat area. I shave by feel – do not look at mirror – and once you have the angle right on the feather – it is very, very efficient. More than justifies the cost. The only con is that I no longer get the same burn from my aftershave splash – I sort of looked forward to that jolt of electricity in my body. Years ago, I had a couple of the Feather plastic Popular – but I kept on breaking them – I tend to over tighten stuff. It was a good little razor with feather blades but I broke so many I gave up on them. I over tighten wheel nuts as well! The feather ASD2 is just so good around the chin and in tight spots around the ears – never a nick.

  2. When I use the AS-D2, with a Feather blade, the alum block rub and witch hazel splash that follows produces zero sting effect. No other razor I have used has comparable results. The requisite use of a Feather blade has also been determined in my case.

  3. I’ve had a Feather ASD2 for about 4 months and although I thought I was holding it at 45 degrees wasn’t getting a particularly close shave.
    I have recently started to shave with it by “riding the cap” and now I’m getting as close a shave as from my more aggressive razors but with no irritation. Obviously what I’d thought of as 45 degrees wasn’t hitting the sweet spot angle for this razor.
    This is now my go to razor.

  4. This is my daily driver and has been since I bought it. It’s all about technique and angle. I get great shaves with it, even with blades that aren’t Feather or Kai, like Astra SP and Personna blue.

  5. I have a AS-D2 and with its Feather blades its deadly. I cut & nicked my self many times ( one was real bad ) that i dont use it any more at all. Bought a Rockwell 6S and with any blade inc the Feather blades just ice skates across your face so smoothly and no nicks or a hint of a cut.

  6. My experience is the same as David’s. It’s a great razor as long as I haven’t gone past 2 days without shaving. After that, it’s just too much work and I’ll go with something a bit more aggressive. I use a fresh blade every time I shave but have found that Feather blades work the best. The AS-D2 is so mild that it’s almost impossible to slip up and nick yourself no matter what blade you use.

    I have a rotation of just over 20 razors, and this one is the mildest shaver of all. It’s also my “go to” razor if I managed to give myself a nick or a spot of razor burn from the shave before.

    If I had to reduce my razor collection down to just three, this would be one of them along with my beloved ATT and my 1906 vintage Gillette.

  7. I was a little bit surprised that all of the reviews, including Mantic’s, made no mention of shaving angle.

    I too was was initially disappointed with the AS-D2, until I watched a YouTube video on how to make this very mild razor work.

    It is essential to use the razor with the handle at 45° to the face, which is a much shallower angle than that used with most razors. Being a mild shaver, with very little blade exposure, this can, at first, be a bit difficult to find, but once found provides incredibly efficient and smooth shaves.

  8. This has been my go-to razor for years. I’ve tried countless others and I keep going back. I shaved with a Muhle R-41/Gillette Silver blue combination this morning and got a BBS so don’t think the other 12 never get used.

    I absolutely agree with e comments about the Feather blades but would like to point out that the Feather’s 1st cousin, the KAI, works even better, at least for me. the blade itself seems to be a bit stiffer and at least on my face works even better.

  9. Still too mild even with the feather, I use a feather on my REX Abassador on 5-6 for the first pass, or with the 17-4.

  10. A beautiful razor, but too mild for me, even with a Feather blade. Do you know how it is made? There are marks that look like they were made by pins which released it from a mold, so I wonder if it is metal injection molded.

  11. My favorite razor for less than 2 days growth. I have a tough beard and the shave is sublime particularly with a fresh blade. An absolutely beautiful razor with a look and feel superior to most artisan products.

  12. I agree with your comments. I tried using shims and almost gave up on this razor. Then I put a Feather blade in it and it performs great. I prefer mid-aggressive razors but the AS-D2 with a Feather blade works. Smooth and efficient.

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