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6 Grooming Tricks You Must Know While Traveling

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Traveling presents a lot of challenges when it comes to good grooming. For example, flying and jet lag can make your skin look pale, dry and irritated. It is thus important you give your grooming routine some thoughtful consideration when traveling. Here are six tested grooming tips you should try the next time you travel.


The difference in temperature conditions and pressure associated with traveling can cause the skin to lose water. Consequently, the skin cells may begin to dehydrate and die due to lack of enough water. The skin will become tight and you may feel burning sensations and itching.

Moisturizing the skin enables it to function at its peak performance. The damaged skin cells can rapidly repair themselves and turn into fresh and functioning cells under moisturized conditions.

The best way to ensure your skin stays hydrated is by applying a moisturizer the night before you travel. Apply the moisturizer generously on the skin to improve the level of protection before you are exposed to the dehydrating effects of the cabin pressure in the airplane or bus. There are many of these products specifically designed for travelers. You can either choose a cream, lotion or ointment. Avoid products that have unnecessary and potentially irritating additives, such as colors and perfumes.


You will have to shave at some point, especially if you are going for a business trip. Sharpologist has several articles about shaving while traveling (HERE, HERE, and HERE for example).  Make sure you get a razor that can do the work well. A good razor should provide a reasonably smooth shave under the circumstances (don’t try to go for that “perfect shave” on-the-go) and not cause bumps. You can try a multi-blade cartridge razor shaving system. These razors allow you to shave while on-the-go and less frequently, and not get into delays from the travel authorities. This in turn gives you more time to enjoy your new experience and focus on more important matters. They do a good job such that you can get an extra day or two in between shaves.

Apart from razors, you could use petite tweezers or wax strips. Using tweezers will enable you to have well-groomed eyebrows. Leave the regular tweezers you use at home and buy a compact pair to save some packing space.

Face Wipes

The exposure to a new environment, jet lag and lack of enough sleep when traveling can lead to blotchiness, redness and acne. You can prevent these conditions by washing the excess oil that usually accumulates on your face with a face wipe. Use the face wipe together with a cooling moisturizer for effective results. You can also add jojoba oil to prevent any irritation and boost your complexion.

Before you choose a face wipe, you need to check the ingredients used to make it. Some face wipes might have chemicals that can potentially harm your skin. Choose face wipes that do not contain formaldehyde chemicals. You should also avoid face wipes that have alcohol. Such face wipes can leave your skin tingly and dry.


For some people, using a fragrance is must when traveling. Avoid large and expensive cologne bottles when packing. Instead, buy a small fragrance travel refill container. A small container provides just enough scent that will serve you throughout the trip. Do not forget about your shoes. Traveling for hours usually makes the shoes to begin producing unpleasant smells. You might want to put a little fragrance powder so that other passengers do not feel uncomfortable when the shoes come off accidentally. You also need to keep your breath fresh with some chewing gum.

Sun Lotion

People who travel often suffer sunburns due to constant exposure to the harmful UV rays. The best bet here is to carry with you a sun lotion, especially if the trip involves outdoor activities. Apply the lotion 15 minutes before you move out of the hotel. Reapply it every two hours or more if you sweat a lot or participate in swimming activities. In addition to applying lotion, it is may be a good idea to avoid sun exposure altogether. You can stay in the shade, wear long sleeved clothes or put on some sunglasses.

Bring Your Own Things

Hotel items such as soaps and towels are free, but they sometimes contain potentially irritating chemicals that can dry your face and cause rashes on the skin. It is advisable you come with your own items to avoid such unpleasant scenarios. Also, when traveling on a plane, make sure that the tray and other items provided are sanitized. A study conducted by the State University of Arizona found that 60 percent of the airplane equipment contain unhealthy amounts of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). This is a highly contagious bacteria resistant to many antibiotics, including amoxicillin, penicillin and oxacillin.  Travel-size sanitation wipes can help here.

Your traveling experience will be fun and exciting if you take the time to do proper grooming. The six tips discussed above will provide you with useful insights on how to groom yourself so that you can get the maximum benefits out of your trip.

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Kathy Somerset is a product designer with a passion for writing. She is also the co-founder of her newest project called BestShavingSolution, a blog where she tries to write the best tips and products reviews.

Kathy Somerset

Kathy Somerset