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5 Reasons Why It’s Time For That Beard To Go

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For quite some time now, beards have been the dual epitome of rugged masculinity and high fashion. However, if you have been raising internal doubts about the long-term future of your facial hair, these reasons for bidding adieu to your beard may just convince you that the time is ripe to act.

Everyone’s got one

Beards have been the fashion for a number of years, but everybody understands that fashions change quickly – do not get left behind! It is no secret that the spike in beards has been and gone, so we are talking old news here. If you are someone who likes to move with the times, or simply prefer to sport a unique and individual look, then having a beard is probably not working for you anymore. Of course, clean-shaven is not the only alternative, as you could work in a moustache, or some well-kept sideburns, as an alternative. Now could be the time to start playing around with all of that facial hair, so if you do think it’s time to see off that beard, then why not try to have some fun by removing it bit by bit?

“The real definition of fashion is a unique and carefully thought out style which effectively enhances your individual persons. With the almost ubiquitous nature of beards these days, that’s not happening,” states John Mueller, lifestyle blogger at Writinity and Researchpapersuk.

No more worrying about social and work etiquette

It may be the you are type of person who really doesn’t think twice about the suitableness of your beard in a whole host of situations. This is an admirable quality in many ways, but it may not be the right approach. After all, should you really sport a beard (even a well-trimmed one) to a job interview, or a funeral, or on a first date? Whether you like it or not, first impressions count, and people will use your facial hair as an opportunity to draw a conclusion about you. In the perfect world you are able to let your personality do the talking, but you may not get that chance. So, once your beard has gone, there’s no more worrying about what is right.


Maintaining a good-looking beard should not be a cheap operation, as you have probably discovered. There are all manner of products on the market, varying in price and sophistication, but anyone who has worn a beard for a period of time will understand that the rules are the same as they are in any aspect of shopping: the cheaper options will probably add nothing, while there are a couple of the mid-to-upper-range products that work a treat. The result is a fair outlay on beard-related paraphernalia, and this is an outlay that can easily be done away with, and soon as you do the same with your beard.

“The plethora of products on the scene makes it a difficult choice. The reality is, many of those products will add little or nothing to your beard, but will dent your bank balance,” adds Naomi Peri, a health writer at DraftBeyond and LastMinuteWriting.

Donate your beard to a good cause

We are not speaking here about literally donating your bead to charity, but you can certainly make the departure of your faithful companion a worthy exercise in fundraising. Shaving off your beard for charitable purposes has become an extremely popular social media phenomenon – a cursory web search will tell you just that. So why not get the attention your beard deserves, by actively promoting its demise. And you are raising money for a great cause at the same time.

It’s a lot of effort

Beards do not take care of themselves. A well-maintained beard requires a substantial amount of grooming, including regular trimming, combing, blow-drying, conditioning and treatment. That’s a lot of work that doesn’t need to happen with one simple shave. In fact, shaving off your beard could save you a considerable amount of time each morning, effectively leaving you free to spend that time how you wish. It could even mean an extra five minutes in bed, and who doesn’t love the idea of that?


About the author:

Cornelius J Johnson writes about a host of eclectic subjects, and is particularly interested in entrepreneurship. Finance and marketing are particular favorites and you can find his contributions at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays, where he frequently submits and has worked up a devoted following.

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why It’s Time For That Beard To Go”

  1. A neatly trimmed beard is one thing. The wild man of Borneo look, quite another. Food workers and operating room personnel with beards must cover them. Why? unless one has scrupulous hygiene, they can be rife with bacteria.

    For me it is hot lather, cold steel, and a BBS (every day).

  2. Interesting that the picture chosen was one where basically no grooming had been done for quite some time! Strange that most of the rest of the article would have no bearing on the person getting the beard shaved.

    1. Clay, the truth is the pic is just a stock photo of someone with a beard because that’s the closest related image I had in my media library. 🙂

  3. I tried a beard about 45 years ago. I kept it about 6 months and have never wanted one since. I do sport a moustache though. I have small comb and brush for it. Every once in a while I use a balm or wax on it.

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