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5 Lady Skin Tricks That Every Man Should Try

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Men, you may think you have some tough skin, and I don’t want to argue with you. All I want to do is bring up the possibility that, maybe, you’re unfairly depriving your skin of a little bit of tender love and care. Even if you have to do it in the secrecy of your home, you should try a couple of these female-renowned skin tricks to do wonders for your own razor-ripped skin.


You’ve seen women wearing cucumber slices on their eyes in the movies, and you’ve undoubtedly asked the person next to you what it all meant. While many will say it’s only a myth, cucumbers contain properties that help skin swelling go down, producing clearer eyes and smoother skin. Try it out one night while you’re lying in bed, or recovering from a breakup and you want to hide the fact you’ve been crying. You’ll be surprised how relaxing it can be.


While a large percentage of men probably don’t know what the term means, regular exfoliation is an important practice for both genders. If you have a “louffa” somewhere in your house (past or current girlfriend’s, perhaps?), use it when you shower to carefully but rigorously rub the top layer of skin in circular motions. It will peel away the dead skin cells that rest on your skin, and will bring out your new glowing skin. Yes, glowing will make you more attractive to the ladies.


Scoff as you may at the various flowery lotions on the market, if you’re depriving your scaley-dry skin of some serious moisture, you’re in for trouble. There are plenty of manlier lotions out there, and the more diligent you are about applying them the better you’ll prevent wrinkles and scarring in the future. Face moisturizer is also important, even if you have oily skin. Just make sure you read the ingredients and descriptions, and get an oil-free moisturizer.

Bath Salts

Don’t run away just yet. Bath salts are not a form of bubble bath; they are an actual chemical compound that changes the makeup of the water, protecting your skin from water permeation and enriching the skin with minerals and oils. If you’ve had a rough day, don’t suck it up; set aside 15 minutes for a hot bath, dump in some salts, and then soak. Your skin will feel soft and energized, and you may find that you’ve been missing out on a lot of self-pampering in your life.

Scar Cover-up

It’s not a purely female trait to feel self-conscious about one’s skin, especially about scars that are large or otherwise very visible. With a modern permanent makeup machine, you can cover almost any kind of scar, no matter the size. You can find offices that perform the procedure at any medical salon near your home. And for your information, it’s actually a variation of a tattoo. So, it’s also hardcore. There are less invasive options as well, like scar removal cream, and tinted moisturizer to help cover the lighter scars. Whatever option you choose, don’t be ashamed of wanting to improve your skin.

Soft skin is not the end goal with all of these tips (although that wouldn’t hurt, gents). Overall skin health is important for males and females alike, and lately it’s become overly feminized to the point that men overlook basic skin care habits. Tying together caring for your skin and pampering yourself should not be reserved for girls only: it’s just plain common sense.

Victoria Ramos studied business and now blogs about developments in the field, as well as her other interests. She loves shopping, socializing, hosting parties, decorating, and writing.

Victoria Ramos

Victoria Ramos

3 thoughts on “5 Lady Skin Tricks That Every Man Should Try”

  1. Good post! I scar easily, but I don’t think I’m ready to go the route of the permanent make up machine. Sometimes lemon juice has worked at lightening the light scars. Have tried a few scar removal creams but they don’t seem like they’re doing much. Do you have any preferred that I should consider trying?

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