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3 Tips To Spice Up Your Shaving Routine

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Have you ever wanted to spice up your shave or make your daily shave more interesting? Well, i have the solution. I love traditional traditional shaving but just wanted to spice my shave up. So, i thought of some interesting ways to make my shave more interesting. Follow these tips to get the most out of your daily shave!

1. Hot towel with eucalyptus: A hot towel is essential for a satisfactory shave.  I recommend you add eucalyptus oil to your steaming hot towel before you steam your pores. Yes i said it! Eucalyptus oil! Eucalyptus oil has a refreshing scent and many healing properties. It heals cuts,scrapes,sores, and burns and refreshes the pores.

2. Shave outside!: Yep you heard it! shave outside! Shaving outside may only be for the adventurous, but it is definitely worth trying! There is nothing better than being one with nature and being in the fresh air. Get out of the house and go outdoor shaving!

3. Cold water shave: Most shaving sessions include a hot towel applied to the face before shaving. I decided to defy shaving logic and abandon the hot towel and use a cold towel instead! Many people think that when you apply a hot towel onto your face it opens your pores. This is clearly a common myth. Dermatologists have concluded that warm temperatures have no effect on our pores. But, hot towels do help loosen the dirt and grime from deep within our pores.

My three tips will guarantee you a better and more interesting shave.

About the author: My name is Alexander Kyte (A.K.A Sir Alex) and i have been an avid wetshaver for over 20 years. My spare time is devoted to shaving and collecting and restoring old shaving razors and brushes. I live in North Florida, and when im not shaving im either hunting for boar or fishing for record bass!

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  1. I use a hot towel microwaved 30 seconds after applying Proraso pre-shave cream, would this be the same thing as eucalyptus oil?
    How do you add the oil? Like a few drops from the small bottles you would get at the health food store onto the towel? Or are you talking about a significantly greater amount?

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