4 Ways My Computer Taught Me How To Shave With A DE Razor

From my story about how I became interested in old school wet shaving:

After I return home I immediately start surfing the internet, trying to learn more about this way of shaving…and discover that there’s damned little information out there. I eventually discover the MSN Wetshavers forum (now defunct) and my education begins…. I am also fortunate to live within driving distance of Austin, TX, where Charles Roberts (owner of Enchante’ which is happily not defunct) is happy to share with me some of the finer points of traditional shaving (along with his “Method” shaving style). Over the course of the next year I slowly learn (and learn to appreciate…and begin to advocate to my friends) shaving with a brush and traditional lather. I graduate from a Mach3 to a single-blade safety razor to an adjustable safety razor. As my own shaving technique matures I discover that I can actually offer some advice to “newbies” on the discussion board once in a while.

It’s amazing to me that not so long ago there was very little information available on the internet about traditional wet shaving.  I mean, I got interested in 2004, less than 10 years ago.  Around that time there were only a couple shaving forums, a handful of vendors, one blog, and no videos.  And before that point there was virtually nothing available.

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