Merkur 40 “Barrel Handle” Razor

merkur 40

A short while back I wrote an article about Merkur’s line of DE razors.  Most of them have been around for ages, with lots of information and reviews available with a simple search engine query.  A few are relatively new though.  One of the new breed, the Merkur 40, is an odd-looking razor with hardly any reviews available.  I think it’s time to give the ’40 some love, particularly if you happen to fall into some specific circumstances.

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Thin DE Razor Heads?

razor ad

Joe writes: I have several Gillette and Schick classic DE razors with big (fat) heads. I noticed some of the razors you displayed in some of your videos have very thin heads on them (like the one in the ad above), and like some of your three piece razors I saw in your videos. I would actually prefer to have a razor like that with a thin head. I used to have one, a Gillette Super Speed razor. I remember it was a three piece and the head was smaller and thinner than my other DE razors. I’ve received some great shaves particularly from my Gillette’s, but I’ve gotten clumsy in my old age LOL. I’d like to know what you would recommend in the thin head category (Merkur, Parker, etc…)

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A Barbershop Shave

1915 Barber Shop

Ad writes: “This week I went to a barbershop for the first time. I hadn’t shaved for a few days and I wanted to try a barbershop shave. Strange enough, it didn’t feel as “babybutt” as it does when I shave myself at hom with a DE razor. I thought: an open razor gets closer to the skin then a safety razor. I was expecting at least the same or rather a better shave then when I shave myself. But it wasn’t. I shaved myself two days later and it really felt BB. Now since it was my first time at the barbers, maybe my expectations were to high, is it about the barber’s skills, or am I just a great shaver? You’ve done this before, what’s you opinion about this?”

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Barbershop Prep Temperature?

file0001981163802sBobby asks:

“I use the hottest water from my tap onto my washcloth, ring it out a little, then put on my face/neck, but the warmth dissipates quickly and barely lasts for 30 seconds. So I repeat 2 more times. How do you get yours to last 3 minutes?”

From a performance standpoint it is OK for the warmth to dissipate. If you prefer a more luxurious experience then yes, repeat warming the washcloth. Hope that helps!


Applying Aftershave And Cologne?

TOBS Jermyn Street and D.R. Harris Windsor

Tyler writes: “I had a question regarding aftershaves and cologne that is leaving me a bit perplexed. Basically, let’s say you wanted to use a soothing, moisturizing aftershave balm, however you also wanted a little splash of your favorite cologne (or an aftershave splash). Assuming that the scents of both products mix nicely, and that I am aiming for the cologne scent to be most “dominant”, which product should be applied first?”

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