You Are Not Alone: How Many Are We? The Market


Steve Worthington of BornSharp recently sent me an interesting link: Scruff Is In As Men Shave Less.  I found it interesting not so much because it was about “scruff” but rather the numbers of people who shave.  It got me to wondering how many of “us” (who shave with an “old school” kit of some kind) there are, and how big a market it might be to business.

Pacific Shaving Caffeinated Shaving Cream, Aftershave


You may remember a mention on Sharpologist a few months ago about Pacific Shaving’s Indiegogo campaign to develop a caffeinated shaving cream.  Their project has come to fruition and they have just launched their cream.  I was lucky enough to get in on the first batch.

What Is The Best Shaving Soap?

shaving soap

It seems like the old-school shaving world has been buried in soaps lately. It used to be easy to tell which were the great ones and which ones left something to be desired.  But now that they are everywhere how can you tell good from bad?  Let’s take a look at what goes into a good shaving soap and see which ones come out ahead of the others.

The Muhle TWIST: You Saw It Here First

muhle twist apart

Today Muhle launches their “TWIST” two piece (vs. three piece) double edge razor line, and Sharpologist is pleased to give you the very first “public” look.  A very small group of wet shaving enthusiasts, including myself, have been given an opportunity to try the “R89″ version of the TWIST before formal launch.  Here are some initial impressions:

Help Determine BebeLush’s Next Scent

bebelush bay rum

Thanks to its popularity, BebeLush wants to expand their shaving soap line with a new scent.  You get to help decide which scent.