What Is The Best Shaving Cream?

best shaving cream

[UPDATED July, 2015]

What is the best shaving cream?  There is a lot of it out there–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And shaving cream can be pretty important: it can make using a blade a pleasant, fragrant diversion or a painful, bloody chore.

Criteria For The Best Shaving Creams?

So what are the “best” shaving creams?  To be sure, there are a lot of good shaving creams, but what rises above the rest?  Let me propose my set of criteria for determining which are among the best (heaviest weighting first):

  1. Superior performance (based on my own experience and what I have read on review sites and forums)–with both “cushion” and “lubrication” better than most.
  2. Ease of applying and using under a variety of water mineral content conditions (in other words it works well with “soft” water and “hard” water).
  3. Available in a variety of scents (you won’t use even the best cream if you don’t care for it’s smell) or no scent at all.
  4. Availability (from more than just a single artisan website).
  5. Time on the market, and price.

Admittedly these criteria are somewhat arbitrary but I want a way to narrow the field down.  An “Honorable Mentions” list of products that I think deserve attention but don’t meet all the criteria above is also included.  I am not going to include gels or oils in this article…I will save those for another time.  I have already written a separate article about the best shaving soapsSince most of Sharpologist’s readers are in the United States I will concentrate on products available there.  Remember, “Your Mileage May Vary” (YMMV) with these recommendations!  Although there is a large majority that like these creams there will always be some for which a product does not work as well.  This list is not sponsored: I did not get paid to mention any of these products, and the list is in alphabetical order.  I plan to update this post as products enter and leave the market.

Mass Market Shaving Cream

Let’s first look at mainstream products you might find in your local supermarket, “big box” retailer, or drug store chain.  Unfortunately, most of the mainstream shaving cream products are, relatively speaking, ghastly performers (all other things being equal).  Most are in pressurized cans and filled with chemicals that try to compensate for the skin drying effect that propellants have.  If you have no other choice than to use a mass market shaving product, at least use one that comes out of a squeeze tube if you can.

Only two brands in this category rise to the “best shaving cream” level in my opinion:

  • Cremo Cream – Available in two scents (one targeted to men and one to women), Cremo Cream is reasonably widely available, found in many national drug store chains (such as Walgreens) and grocery stores, and it’s beginning to show up in “big box” outlets like Target and Walmart.  HERE is Sharpologist’s review of Cremo Cream but you should be able to find a number of confirming reviews with a simple internet search.
  • Kiss My Face – Although perhaps not as commonly available as other mainstream products, you will generally find Kiss My Face “Moisture Shave” creams in the “natural” or “organic” areas of supermarkets and some specialty stores.  It is available in a variety of scents and fragrance-free.

By the way, most people find that the performance of these products improve noticeably when used with a shaving brush.

Spa Or Specialty “Brushless” Shaving Cream

Less widely available but better performing products are available in “spa” or “specialty” outlets like high-end barbers or shopping mall businesses.   However I am having a really tough time with this category.  Is the conventional wisdom of “spa” shave creams that they should only have one scent and available from only a single source?  OK, so be it.

  • One brand that probably does belong here, even though it may not quite match, is Pacific Shaving.  Available at specialty pharmacies and a few mall-like outlets like some Bed Bath Beyond, Pacific Shaving was originally known for their Shaving Oil.  They later added a shaving cream (one targeted to men, the other for women).  However the star is their recently launched Caffeinated shaving cream.  Sharpologist reviewed it a while back and it is great stuff.

Traditional Lathering Shaving Cream

Here I think you will find most of the best shaving creams available.  They are designed to be lathered with a shaving brush, though they can be used “brushless” as well (you just have to use a lot more product).  Some traditional shaving creams are lightyears ahead of mass market products and provide an excellent sensory experience as well.  Don’t let the cost of these products put you off.  They are so concentrated that a tub will last for months and months of daily use.  I think some of “the best of the best” shaving creams include:

  • Castle Forbes – Available in Limes, Lavender, and Cedar/Sandalwood.  Castle Forbes shaving creams have a reputation of being strongly-scented: I like to say that using their Limes cream is like getting smacked in the face with a key lime pie :) .  Without a doubt a luxurious product with outstanding performance (and commensurate price).
  • eShave – Available in White Tea, Orange Sandalwood, Verbena Lime, Lavender, Cucumber, Almond, Floral, and Fragrance Free.  eShave seems to be paying attention to both the male and female traditional shavers with their scent mix.  The all perform very well, though it seems like White Tea gets a lot of the “buzz.”
  • New York Shaving CompanyAvailable in Elizabeth Street, Tonsorial, Old St. Patrick’s, Lavender, Lemon, Rose, Sandalwood, and Unscented.  NYSC creams just barely make this list because they are available from more than just a single website, though still not widely available.  I am glad they are though because the performance is right up there with the big boys.  Their scents are a mix of classic European, “old timey” American, and natural scents.  The “Tonsorial” shaving cream is a favorite of many (including me).
  • Piccadilly – Off the “Honorable Mention” List and onto the main list as of June, 2015.  Now available in two scents, Sandalwood and Limes, Piccadilly is another shaving cream cut from the cloth of traditional British brands.  Also becoming more generally available, including Amazon.
  • St. James Of London – Off the “Honorable Mention” List and onto the main list as of June, 2015.  Another British brand new to the US, St. James of London is now available from multiple retailers, including Amazon.  Their scents are “traditional with a twist:” Mandarin & Patchouli, Cedarwood & Clarysage, Black Pepper & Lime, and Sandalwood & Bergamot.  I was lucky enough to score a tub of the Black Pepper & Lime from the first batch produced and I was duly impressed with the quality.
  • Taylor of Old Bond Street – Available in Sandalwood, Jermyn Street (for sensitive skin), Lavender, Mr Taylor’s, Grapefruit, Coconut, Natural (preservative & fragrance free), Lemon/Lime, Almond, Rose, Avocado, Shaving Shop (I hear this scent may be discontinued but it is still available at the moment), Eton College, and St. James scents.  Taylor’s creams have a wide variety of both classic and modern scents but are a bit inconsistent in my mind.  Some are outstanding performers (here is my review of Grapefruit a while back, and Sandalwood is a consistently listed as a favorite shaving cream on Amazon) while others are slightly less so.  They also tend to have a slightly runnier consistency compare to other top-shelf creams.  So while I think might be at the bottom of the top shelf, they’re still on the top shelf!
  • Truefitt & Hill – Available in 1805, Almond, Grafton, Lavender, No. 10, Rose, Sandalwood, Trafalgar, Ultimate Comfort, West Indies Lime scents.  There’s a good mix of “natural” and cologne-like scents here, some popular with younger men (1805, Ultimate Comfort) while others are more classic (Trafalgar is one of my all-time favorite scents, though some consider it–as well as Grafton–an “old man” scent).  The No. 10 cream is meant to be used brushless but is very “brush friendly” anyway.  For myself Truefitt and Hill creams may be ever-so-slightly less cushioning than other creams in this category but I think the difference is subtle.  Most agree the performance is excellent.
  • Trumper – Available in Coconut, Sandalwood, Rose, GFT, Violet, Almond, Limes, Eucris, and Spanish Leather scents (Eucris and Spanish Leather are only available in small containers).  Trumper’s scents tend to stay in the classic, conservative realm.  Some scents even seem a bit foppish but you might be surprised how downright masculine a Rose or a Violet scent can be.  In any event, almost everyone considers these shaving creams as superior in  their performance. 

Honorable Mentions – The Best Of The Rest

There are a number of shaving creams that are excellent but don’t pass the criteria I have set for the best shaving cream.  I think they still deserve some love though, so here are “the best of the rest.”

  • DR Harris – Available in Almond, Arlington, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Marlborough, Rose, and Windsor scents.  I may catch some flack for not including DR Harris shaving creams in the Best Traditional Lathering Shave Cream section and they may be right.  They are another old-school English shaving cream with interesting scents (Arlington is a personal favorite of mine!) and they perform very well.  But I think their shaving soaps are better than their shaving creams.  Maybe it’s my hard water that makes the difference.
  • Jack Black Supreme – Available in a single scent but can be used either with a brush or brushless, Jack Black Supreme consistently gets excellent reviews.
  • Kiehl’s White Eagle – Though some might have trouble with the fairly strong Menthol and Camphor ingredients, Keihl’s brushless White Eagle cream performs really, really well.  Even fussy Sharpologist co-founder Andy Tarnoff is a fan of this cream.
  • Knockout Shave – An artisan cream available from only a single source, Knockout Shave scents tend to get “love it or hate it” reactions but the performance is among the best traditional-style shaving creams available today.
  • Lucky Tiger – Lucky Tiger’s “Liquid Shave Cream” is reasonably widely available, in a single (mildly citrus) scent.  As the name implies it is less firm than many other creams (I think it has a consistency of an aftershave balm) but the performance–with or without brush–is a stand-out among its peers.
  • Nancy Boy – Available in several difference scents from a single source, Nancy Boy shave creams consistently get rave reviews from those who have tried them (their “Signature” cream is a particular stand-out).  Though it can be used with a shave brush it is a low-lathering product, so don’t expect the luxurious experience you might get with other creams.  The performance makes converts though.
  • Speick – Reasonably widely available but in a single scent, Speick is an awesome German-made lathering shaving cream.  Its unique, spicy scent is appreciated by most who have tried it.  And it is inexpensive to boot!
  • The Art of Shaving – Available in Unscented (for sensitive skin), Sandalwood, Lemon, Lavender, and Ocean Kelp scents.  Art of Shaving may be another controversial choice here, I admit.  Some will say it deserves to be on the regular list, while others will say it should not be on the list at all (though mainly for more emotional, “part of a giant conglomerate company” reasons I think).  My personal opinion is their shaving cream performance may not be as good as it used to be before a reformulation a couple years ago, but I think Art of Shaving creams are solid performers and their wide availability makes it a great “gateway drug” into good shaving!
  • William Neumann – Another artisan shave cream with a number of creative scents like “Old Fashioned Soda” and “Heartwood,” Wm. Neumann shave creams are among the best I have ever tried.  Another fairly “liquid” consistency cream, it is dispensed from a convenient pump bottle and can be used with or without a brush.


Did I miss something?  Disagree with a rating?  Leave your suggestions and comments below!

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  1. Jim says

    Did you forget CO Bigelow, or don’t you like it? I noticed a tube of Proraso in your picture, and to my opinion, they are one and the same. I use some of the other shaving soaps that you mention, but CO Bigelow is pretty much a standard with me (who can argue with three tubes for the price of two at Bath and Body?).

    • says

      Jim– Proraso (and the slightly inferior clone CO Bigelow) is a good, solid cream. But one of the very best? I don’t think it rises to that level.

    • Flyguy says

      I’ll give that choice an “Amen”. I’ve been using C. O. Bigelow for years now, and am very happy with it.

    • Mitchell Lombard says

      Shave Much ? How could the Sharpologist not mention or rate Santa Maria Novella, Aqua di Parma or Xpec ? These are the best 3 products for wet shaving in the world.

      • mantic59 says

        Xpec might make the list now that it is more widely available and now has more than one scent (many think–and I agree–the original scent is *terrible*). I’ve tried SMN and AdP extensively and they both do not perform well at all in hard water situations, though I agree a lot of people like them.

  2. Larry says

    I have to pipe in for two creams at opposite ends of the price spectrum. Real Shaving Cream Shave2Cream is a tea tree oil scented cream for sale at Rite Aid drugstores for under 9 bucks. It has a finicky water product mix, but once you hit the sweet spot it performs like a top end cream. (It’s made by the manufacturer off the 3T’s)

    I find Cade by L’Occitane en Provence to be an outstanding cream. It cost 28 dollars for 150 ml, but only a small amount is needed. Widely available too.

    • Rod says

      Definitely Real Shaving Co. Is not as we’ll known as others. Amazing performance for the price. Very underrated. Very little people know it’s also made by Creighton’s.

      Nivea shaving Cream is also widely available and I consider the performance to be top notch.

    • says

      Huh. I was under the impression the RSC cream was discontinued. I have tried it and it was very good but then it disappeared and haven’t seen any recent reviews either. I’ll have to look on the Rite Aid website! :)

      But Cade?? I’ve tried it and it was an underperformer (to say the least) for me and my hard water. Has it gone through a reformulation?

      • Larry says

        When I used Cade alone it’s performance was mediocre. If you charge your brush with some Neutrogena soap, before cup lathering the Cade, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. It goes from a C- to an A+ in seconds.

      • Larry says

        Cade was reformulated in 2011 or 2012. I agree that alone it is no better than Proraso. Add Yeti snot to Proraso Green, or VDH to Cade, and they produce great shaves.

  3. The Dean says

    Allow me to add one to the mix. The Body Shop’s Maca Root Shave Cream is an exceptional product, and available in many places around the world, as The Body Shop is a fairly ubiquitous international chain. It only comes in one scent (like Cremo), but I think it’s fine and not overbearing.

    Again, like Cremo it is very slick—perhaps too slick for some but not for me. Unlike Cremo it easily lathers and has a wide hydration window. By that, I mean you can use it right out of the tub, brushless. But with a brush is where this stuff shines. Whatever kind of lather you like, you can make it with this cream. From a thicker yogurt, to an explosion of fluffy (but still protective) whipped cream.

    And while it is a tad expensive at $16 for a 6.3oz jar, you use very, very little per shave. It is quite concentrated. Plus, the Body Shop tends to run sales (2 for one, 3 for 2) fairly often.

    With a shelf full of great products (some mentioned in the body of your article) this gets the most use of any product I own. It’s just so easy to make a great lather.

    • says

      I guess I’m going to have to try BS’s shave cream again. I tried it a few years ago and it’s performance was quite average for me (in my admittedly “hard” water). The reviews I read were mixed as well.

      • Larry says

        It’s your hard water. Made by Creighton’s it is a performer in soft water. The smell to me is honeysuckle and maca root and takes some “adjustment”. I said the same thing about Speick, which is similar in performance, now like both creams.

    • Jim says

      I tried Maca Root several years ago. Right after that, everything that I owned that was came in contact with it (tshirts, towels, wash cloths, etc.),became terribly stained. For a while, I couldn’t figure out what was doing it. But, then I did. It was the Body Shop shaving cream. When I stopped using it, the staining went away.

      • The Dean says

        Never noticed staining, but I shave in the shower, so everything goes down the bathtub drain!

        The reviews on B&B are pretty good, Mark. Try more, or less, water. BTW, my water is very hard too. I’ve never lived in an area with soft water.

  4. Bob says

    Interesting article. My experience with a few of the products you discuss leads to these comments:
    – With a brush, Kiss My Face dries out in the middle of a pass. But rubbed on without a brush, it’s a winner. It doesn’t rinse off as easily as others. So it’s great for shaving in the shower. I use more product with KMF than others, but it’s inexpensive.
    – Nancy Boy works OK without a brush, but with a brush it lathers easily and luxuriously. It’s a good value.
    – I agree about Speick. NB and Speick are roughly the same price, because the Speick tube is small (and so good for travel).
    – I also agree with the assessment of T&H, especially the UC, but it may or may not be worth the price premium over Speick and NB.

  5. Jason says

    This one will probably show up in the “best values” post, but Arko creams are absolutely solid and sold in several different scents. Also, ABSURDLY cheap.

  6. Frank says

    I believe a good honorable mentions should be Cella which is kind of a croap so I don’t know how you would categorize it, and Triumph and Disaster from New Zealand. The latter is a personal favorite of mine and gives amazing shaves.

  7. Will says

    These two may fit in the “value” catagory than top performers:

    Palmolive – Regular, Menthol, and Lime. The menthol is the flavor I like the most. When I need a close, smooth shave (wedding, job interview), it is the tube I reach for first. IMO a top performer.

    Tabac – Good performing cream. Unusual scent (at least to me). It is a good slick, cushioning cream. I never did get over the smell.

  8. Mark B says

    let me throw Cyril Salter in the mix…it is every bit the cream that TOBS is…I actually prefer it honestly. Such a luxurious lather…even with my incredibly hard water

  9. says

    Endymion shaving cream from Penhaligon’s is really great, as is Santa Maria Novella Crema da Barba. I’m also a huge, huge fan of Urth shaving cream and believe it’s likely the most underrated shaving cream out there right now due to it being from a skin care company, most of which don’t have a great reputation for doing shaving creams.

    • says

      Penhaligon’s creams got re-formulated a while back and their quality really took a hit. They recently re-reformulated and it is supposed to be better. I’ll have to revisit pen’s creams once the new formulation has made its way through the inventory chain. As for Uth, I didn’t know they even make a shaving cream :) I’ll have to check it out.

  10. says

    FYI: I could be wrong,* but TOBS, T&H, GFT, DRH, RSC, Body Shop, and possibly St. James of London, are all manufactured at the UK company Creightons, for their respective brands. The base formulation of each cream is very similar, tho subtly tweaked by brand; hence if you like one brand’s performance, the others will be similar.

    I had also read, on B&B, that AOS cream was formerly manufactured by Creightons, prior to P&G’s acquisition of the brand.

    *Manufacturing may have changed, since reading this several years ago. No misinformation has been intentionally presented.

  11. MrMoonbeam says

    Nothing to speak of well regarded artisans Al’s Shaving, Queen Charlotte or Saint Charles Shave? For shame!

    • The Dean says

      Great stuff. But I think the Razorock product is considered a soft soap, not a true cream, If I’m mistaken, the XX, XXX new XXX and many others should be considered.

  12. Bluebriz says

    While I understand that some don’t like the scent, the performance of the Body Shop Maca Root shave cream is outstanding!

      • Bob A. says

        Well, for me the Proraso beats ToOBS – sandalwood scent anyway. That’s the only Taylor I’ve tried. Proraso lathers up smoothly and leaves my face feeling better than it did before the shave. YMMV I suppose.

  13. Kevin says

    I gone the way of shaving oil. I still use my Super Speed, but no more brush and cream/soap. Face washed in the shower with a good soap, and about 4 drops of King of Shaves shave oil rubbed into my face. If you haven’t tried this method, give it a go.

  14. AdamE says

    My Go to is GFT’s Coconut oil cream. Great performance, and while it’s expensive, I’m literally going on 8months on my last tub (roughly 6 shaves/week), so no complaints there. The scent is quite pleasant, but not so strong that it lingers too long… It works well with bowl lathering, palm lathering (Brush in palm) and face lathering (I actually prefer a hybrid technique, I start with a few seconds in the bowl to get it going, and then face lather, and get excellent performance from it).

    I like proraso’s soaps, but luke warm on their creams…

    For inexpensive drug store brands, the Nivea cream in the tube works great brushed or brushless…

  15. Rich in Dallas says

    I was a big fan of Pacific Shaving’s All Natural, but after my son gave me a tub of Trumper’s limes, I’m a convert, although I don’t get the scent at all. They are both excellent.

  16. says

    One cream that I think performs just as good (if not better at times) than Taylor of Old Bond Street is eShave. I love their “green tea” scented cream. It’s a light but correct scent. Totally green tea. And the performance is outstanding.

    I’d like to mention I have my best results with both eShave and TOBS creams when I build my lather with a badger brush and a warm mug. For soaps I prefer face lathering with a boar brush. But with very little water and a good amount of working it, the lather in my mug when using a badger brush is super thick, cushiony, and will easily outlast your most patient 3-pass shave.

  17. Sam O says

    You have omitted Coates, my second favorite cream after Castle Forbes. A gentleman uncovered what appears to be the last cache of this discontinued English cream and has 6 scents he sells at coatescream.com. This is a top performer available at a very reasonable price. Get it while you still can.

  18. Larry says

    Nivea mild is one of my favorite creams, but I can only get it on line, or by trekking to Pasteur Pharmacy, NYC. I have requested our local Aldi market stock it as they’re a German outfit, as is Nivea. So far nothing doing. Rich in sea minerals.

  19. Gary says

    I was looking for triple-milled soaps and think I found a very good one. I bought a puck of their Cheaha soap. I thought the puck a little small then tried it and wow! You get a lot from very little, this is going to last for quite awhile like Mark says of others. It’s all natural, nothing superficial. It smells great in my opinion and lathers up superbly and I think anybody trying this soap will really like it. Give it a shot!!

  20. Chris says

    I am amazed that Paraso shaving cream was not on the list. Am I missing something?
    Happy to see that you included Kiss My Face “brushless” shaving cream. I find Kiss My Face shaving cream a great one for travel and mornings that I’m short on time.

  21. says

    Great post Mark. If I’m going to be honest I’ve never really paid much attention to shaving cream- it’s always just been one of those things, maybe it’s just a British way of looking at it but you’ve covered a lot there which makes me wonder if simply going for the first supermarket brought cream really is as good as it gets?!

  22. Adam says

    I feel like I’m missing something… I use Mitchell’s Wool Fat shave soap and it is amazing! Did see anyone mention it. Superior lather, face feels great after each shave and each puck is reasonably priced and lasts. I would easily rank it as the best of the several brands I’ve used.

  23. Mark w says

    How about Taconic shave cream? I use the bay rum every day. Rich, creamy and moisturizing! Great glide and very different than all the creams you mention that are made in the u.k.–probably in the same factory. The Taconic is a USA made product that is my favorite ..and affordable!

  24. Mark says

    Hey Mark,

    I took your advice and I bought a bottle of William Neumann “Old Fashion Soda”. Let me tell you I love this stuff and it really opened my eyes to the difference between an ok shave cream to a superior shave cream. It took my shaving experience to a whole new level. I get the best shaves ever now and I don’t need a pre shave cream or oil anymore. The only downside I have and this is why I’m writing you is the shave cream is hard to lather up. The first time I used the shave cream I put a squeeze in my brush and grabbed my lathering bowl to lather it up and the shave cream totally dissolved on me. It wasn’t even in my brush when i squeezed it. I squeezed some more on my brush and put it directly on my face and lathered it up there. Worked much better lathering it up directly to my face. Ive been using it now for a few weeks but each time I use the shave cream I continue to get different consistencies and just can’t seam to master a really good lather that will last. I’ve tried wet brush, dry brush, and medium wet brush and still I get mixed lathers. Is there a trick to getting a really good lather out of the Old Fashion Soda?


  25. Muffinhead says

    What, no Proraso shave cream? It is one of the most popular shave creams out there. I love it. The sandalwood is heavenly and with the shea butter in it the shave is super smooth.

    • J.M. says

      Proraso is the best if you have a very heavy beard that requires shaving twice a day. Nobody even mentioned it here.

      The best of all time, but is no longer produced, and for what reasons are unbeknownst to anyone who used it regularly, was Tom’s from Maine. It had the perfect blend of lanolin and glycerin that provided a very slick shaving surface without the burn. Being an avid cyclist and former racing team member, Tom’s was a favorite among bikers, and it was so effective against razor burn that many of my female biking companions used it in other areas as well.

      Tendskin is about the most versatile since it requires no water and no heating the hair. It has never caused any kind of burn on my face. Many esthetists use it for their female clients who have problem areas.

      All in all, I would love to see the Tom’s produced again. I called them to see if they would provide the makeup of their product and they arrogantly stated that it was proprietary. I said what good is it if you no longer produce it…I no longer use any of their products anymore anyway since they sold out to corporate Proctor and Gamble.

    • Tim says

      I agree, prorasco is excellent. I’ve found “Prorasco for C. O. Bigelow” in the men’s section at Bath and Body Works. Love it.

    • Mike says

      I am using Larrikin shaving balm also with sandalwood oil, its awesome , its made in Australia, I am buying from KairiuPrekyba e-shop, because I am from Europe it best way to get it.

  26. Graham says

    For me it has to be Carsons Apothecary 5 Star Shaving Formula, the lather lasts for ages and it leaves my skin in lovely cond. Amber 54 is the best scent IMO.

  27. Arjun says

    Hi I was searching net to find a good shaving cream / soap and came across your list. I would say that it’s very informative. However, I didn’t find Floris in the list.

  28. gustavo says

    My 2¢ go here. While I use most of the time Castle Forbes Lavender, and it is fantastic, I switch occasionally to Proraso green tea and oatmeal. It is not bad, and comes in travel size which makes it convenient when you are on the road a lot (like me).
    Regarding price/performance, I notice I need way less of Castle Forbes to make enough lather for 5 passes, compared to others (including proraso). So it might defeat the other’s in cost by a tiny bit.

    For those that like pre-shave oil, I find the light yellow one from Truefitt & Hill to be excellent.

  29. Darrin Tremain says

    I usually use soaps but Simpsons Latte Luxury Cream is really working well for me! Its definitely worth a try!

  30. Tim B says

    For me a good shaving cream is one that has a rich, thick (but not clogging the razor) texture, leaves the skin feeling good, lathers easily (I use a synthetic bristle shaving brush), a nice scent, and – most importantly – where the lather does not break down during the shaving. I have used creams where I’ve had to keep re lathering during the same pass. Although I may need to slightly re lather to top up those areas shaved at the end of the pass i.e. upper lip and chin, the main thing is if the lather does not collapse.

  31. James says

    What about Duke Cannon’s shave cream? I bought it following another review that ranked it the best among barbershop favorites.

  32. Terry Micks says

    I’ve used all the shave creams on the market and my favorite is the TwinLuxe Smooth Shave Cream. You really need to add this cream to your to try list as well as the rest of the entire skincare line. I used to be a Art of Shaving and Kiehl’s customer but switched over to Twinluxe.

  33. Adam says

    The best shaving cream is the one that works for you! I have a very coarse beard and Proraso ‘Red’ with sandalwood and shea butter along with the BIC razor blades works flawlessly for me. Why mess with success?

  34. Hector says

    Great article! I mostly use the C.O Bigelow brand. It produces a great lather with a small amount. I can usually do three passes, if need be, and still have a nice rich lather left in the bowl.

    I’m not sure if it does make difference, but I have a very nice badger brush that works great.

    Thanks fir the tips. I think I’m going to give eShave a try. I’m looking for a fragrance free alternative.

  35. Michael Goldweber says

    Previous incarnations of this page used to declare that W. Neumann’s was your desert island cream. You have “toned” down the accompanying blurb. If this is no longer your desert island cream, which one is?

    • mantic59 says

      Michael, the wm. Neumann’s cream is still one of my favorites but I can’t call it “best” under the criteria I set here. I still recommend it though!

      • Michael Goldweber says

        I agree with the quality of the cream, but you dodged the question: which cream is your desert island choice?

  36. Steve says

    Mark I agree with much you have said. Castle Forbes Lime is absolutely decadent.

    One that I am surprised did not make the cut is Musgo Real. Its lathers and cushions with the best of them and its lanolin infusion gives it a great post shave feel that most don’t match.

  37. Matt says

    Since this was recently updated I was surprised there was no mention of Dreadnaught. Absolute best cream I have used. Supposed to slow down beard growth, but I used it for 3 months almost daily, and I never noticed any change. Great lather, easy to lather, and very cushioning.

  38. Mitchell says

    Where do I begin? You have neglected the finest cremes in the world ! Santa Maria Novella, Xpec, Acqua Di Palma, Antica Barbieri Colla and last Castle Forbe !

  39. Ben says

    I really think XPEC should be at least on the honorable mention list. Their unscented cream performs so well… (haven’t tried the scented)

  40. Craig says

    I tried The New York Shaving Company Tonsorial Shaving Cream. It arrived separated. It looked like candle wax and oil. Really nasty. Returning the product ASAP.

  41. Martijn says

    I’m assuming Prorasco is just a typo, or is “Prorasco for C. O. Bigelow” actually a different brand abusing Proraso’s good name.

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