In Defense Of The Evening Shave

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I like wet shaving. I wouldn’t be Mantic’s partner in Sharpologist if I didn’t.  But I also like sleep, and I don’t get enough of it. I time my morning alarm to the minute, so I can cram in every last second of sleep before arriving at work the moment I need to.  Not surprisingly, this messes with the relaxation of a morning shave.

Sure, I could get up earlier so I could enjoy the ritual, but the reality is that even three years into this journey, I still fight razor burn on my neck, and if I rush, it’s a five-alarm fire. I could go back to a cartridge razor and canned goo … oh, who am I kidding? That’ll never happen.

Instead, on many days, I shave at night. There are a few reasons it’s a good idea for me:

First of all, as a parent of a young child, evenings (after she goes to bed) are far less hectic than mornings. It’s one of the only times of the day I get to myself, and I can take as long as I need to get it right. I can experiment with different soaps and creams and aftershaves, because they’ll be off my face before I go to work the next morning. I can also perfect my craft, because even if I cut my face to shreds trying an advanced technique, I’ll be healed by 8 a.m.

Of course, one might think that you’ll grow stubble while you sleep. I’m sure this is true to a certain extent, but I’m under the impression that hair grows more slowly when you’re sleeping and/or relaxed. I believe this to be true. Maybe because I’m more likely to get that “BBS” shave at night, I actually wake up mostly stubble-free. I certainly look fine all day at work. If you have a super hairy face, your mileage may vary.

Finally, when I’m relaxed and shaving at the end of the day, I do a better job. My face isn’t raw when I head out the door. I sleep better after the shaving routine. Obviously, any razor burn I encounter is tamped down by the next morning.

Is evening shaving for everyone? Probably not, and for certain occasions, it’s not right for me, either. But many nights it is. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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  1. FedoraMGTOW says

    I’ve found that night shaving works for me too. There are less people fighting to use the bathroom at night and any facial irritation or nicks will be less noticeable by the following day. I shave against the grain for a close shave, so even though I do have noticeable stubble twelve hours later, it’s nothing major. In my opinion, there’s only one benefit to shaving before work, and that’s that your shave is closer when you walk in. Otherwise, you have to get up earlier (and potentially shave half awake; yikes, no thank you), you have to make sure you don’t take too long (gotta get out the door and head to work) and if you’re rushing to head out the door, you may miss some spots of stubble (does this happen to anyone else, or just me?). It’s not an issue for me at night, because I have plenty of time to notice spots of missed stubble.

    • FedoraMGTOW says

      Plus, a lot of people skip the against the grain pass all together when shaving in the morning to lessen the possibility of irritation, which makes for a less smooth shave regardless. I know for me personally, if I don’t shave against the grain, it doesn’t really look like I’ve shaved at all. I have that coarse dark beard hair with fair skin, so I feel obligated to go against the grain.

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