Mantic59’s Razor Blade Search: Astra (Green Box)

astra box

As I have mentioned previously (links at the bottom of this article), I have been trying different brands of razor blades in an attempt to find a suitable replacement(s) for the blade I had been using and had been discontinued.  Here are my comments on the Astra blade (green box).

Astra Green

I am making a distinction here between the blades that come in a green box vs. the blades that come in a blue box.  I found these “green” blades did not work very well for me.  Using three different Astra blades in three different razors (a Merkur Progress, a Parker 92R, and a Merkur HD) yielded the same results: numerious small nicks on the skin and a relatively short blade life.  Here is the edge of a new Astra blade as seen through a scanning electron microscope (SEM), with the blade edge at the top of the picture:

astra unused

And here is a blade after four shaves (again, with the edge at the top of the image):

astra used

You can see the edge degradation quite clearly.  But out of curiousity I cranked up the magnification of the SEM for a closer look (blade edge at top of image):

astra used 3kx mag

This particular blade is just not for me.

Thanks to John at West Coast Shaving for his help with this series of articles.

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  1. alessio says

    I’ve come accross 2 different packages of the astra green one package was horrible quality worst bladesi’ve ever used and the other were fantastic. I think there are fakes going around with terrible quality

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