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shaving gifts
A Shaving Gift From My In-Laws

Now that the holidays are behind us, I want to know what kind of shaving and grooming stuff you received as gifts!  List ’em here–link to imgur/flickr/picasa pics if you can.

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  1. Christopher B says

    Does anyone know who the maker is for the set in the photo, I would like to purchase the above set? Thanks a lot.

  2. says

    Though I asked for a number of things, the nicest shaving product I received was some Art of Shaving soap in the wood bowl, sandalwood scent. It sure smells good, in fact, when my 5 year old grand daughter comes over she goes and finds it and carries it around just smelling it for a few minutes. She likes it on grandpa too. Great gift.

  3. Devon says

    My lovely girlfriend went ahead and bought a shaving kit for me from a Canadian vendor that is not too far from where I live. It includes a chrome stand, Vulfix 660s (Med.) shaving brush, “apothecary style” mug, Edwin Jagger Sea Buckthorn shaving soap, a Merkur 38c shaver and a variety pack of blades. This is perhaps the best christmas I have had in quite a long time. Hopefully the link to my Instagram works…

  4. says

    I bought that set in the photo above for the hubby some time ago. But this year for Christmas he didn’t get any shave gear actually. But the other day he asked if I wouldn’t make him a couple of jars of Beer Tallow & Lanolin shaving soap. That’s actually his favorite right now in various scents of course so he has plenty of choices. He has a couple of jars already but he wanted some new scents to pick from. Me on the other hand, I wish i felt better in the evenings to shave my legs because the hubby has threatened to get the week whacker out to get the job done……. ROFL

    The link doesn’t work, I was looking forward to some eye candy…….


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