3 Shortcuts To Better Lather (+ Bonus Idea)

Shortcut To A Better Lather

I think it’s safe to say everyone has experienced trouble making traditional shaving lather at one time or another.  Here are 3 shortcuts to making a better, more stable lather, more quickly.


Suuuuuuuuper Lather!

Priming the brush with a shave soap then adding shave cream (AKA “Superlather”) can be an effective (albeit perhaps a bit messy) way to get a stable lather.  Loading a wet shaving brush with shave soap (or even a gentle glycerin-based facial soap) will “trap” water and hold it where it needs to be.  Then adding a shaving cream will fully hydrate the lather and also create a really slick cushion to work with.  This was actually the topic of one of the first shaving videos I made six years ago:



A trick similar to “Superlather” is “Uberlather.”  Uberlather is the process of adding a few drops of pure glycerin to the shaving brush before lathering with shaving cream or soap.  The extra glycerin will create a more stable, long-lasting lather.  Glycerin can be found fairly easily: look for it at your local mega-mart, drug store, or large grocery store.  It is usually in either the skin care or first aid area.

Distilled Water

Sometimes lather is not very good because the water is not very good, with too many minerals or contanimants (e.g. “hard” water).  If you have hard water try using distilled water.  Just heat some up (not to boiling!) and pour into your sink (with the stopper closed, of course).

Bonus Idea: “Brush Friendly” Brushless Shave Cream

There are some brushless shave creams that are “brush friendly” and therefore are very tolerant of the ratio of water to cream.  Two of the best in my opinion are Truefitt and Hill Authentic No. 10 Shaving Cream and Kiss My Face Moisture Shave.

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  1. John Marinelli says

    I really like your lathering videos!! The face lather video,
    Is that COlonel Conk almond shave soap in your mug ?

    I read great reviews for that soap, and it looks hard to beat for the price


  2. sl0j0n says

    @ Brad:
    I would use the “vegetable glycerin”,
    that’s usually the better. [Comes from coconuts, I think.]
    I just ordered 16 oz for $12.76 on ebay.

    Have a GREAT day, and a GREAT shave, neighbors!

  3. Brad says

    Are there different kinds of glycerin?? I see some labeled as vegetable glycerin on Amazon.. Any suggestions?

  4. BKCombs says

    i use truefitt & hill, and it is awesome. i just take a dollop, and massage it into my face. no problems at all. i do this after the steam room at the gym. i feel like i’m missing something, because it’s better than gel, but maybe not as good as it could be??

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