Cheap vs. Inexpensive: A Tale Of 3 Razors

There's A Difference

I recently tried the “Silver Tone Double Edge Blade Razor Shaver w/Nonslip Metal Handle found on Amazon.  It’s a three-piece “Ri,mei” razor (yes, that’s what it says on the blister pack) made in China.  While it is no Merkur or Edwin Jagger in quality it is (surprisingly) acceptable for under $7.  


It’s light but all-metal and the blade exposure appears even on both sides.  It’s quite gentle and I got a decent shave out of it.  In fact, I may make it my next travel DE: if it gets broken or lost it will be no big loss.  I hesitate to recommend it to a beginner because of it’s light weight but hey, if you’re willing to part with under a sawbuck, it might be worth a try.

Lord L6

Lord L6

Then there’s the Lord L6.  I’ve talked about the Lord before.  Also known as the Lord LP1822, this razor is made in the middle-east.  The L6 is not known for its high quality but it has improved somewhat in the last year or two.  The L6 is a relatively gentle razor that will give an acceptable shave.  It’s about US $12.



Compare those inexpensive razors to the “Phatty” DE razor I found earlier this year on the ‘Bay.  This TTO razor goes for $5 and I can only describe it as awful: a plastic handle painted with a chrome color and a flimsy head made out of very light, stamped metal.  The TTO mechanism barely works and the blade exposure is not close to even.  The shave was very harsh…in fact I didn’t even finish the shave with it.

Need more convincing?  Take a look at this video made by Redditor “betelgeux”:

What inexpensive razors have you found that do an adequate job?  What cheap razors should others shy away from?

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  1. I’ve been using a Parker 96R for a few years now. I love the fact it twists to open and I don’t have to take it apart to clean the blade after use. Just twist and remove the blade… clean, dry and reseat the blade, twist again to close. It’s on amazon here:

  2. My first, and still current, razor is the Lord L6. I’ve been a long time Mach3 shaver (13+ yrs), and have really enjoyed the switch to DE shaving!! While I’ve enjoyed the Lord L6, I’ve got my eye on the E.J. DE89lbl or DE89BA11. Happy shaving all!

  3. I recently got the Lord L6 after starting out with the Ri, Mei. I think I prefer the Ri,Mei razor to the L6 though. I thought I’d be making a move on up, since it was just a $2 razor but they’re really different. The handle on the L6 is long and light, but I really like the short and medium weighted handle on the Ri,Mei. If I were to recommend one to my friends, I’d say Ri,Mei hands down.

  4. Going to get a razor for father’s day. I’m thinking of going with a pack of Lord L6.

  5. OMG another post with women. I’m so offended.


  6. Charles P. Cohen says:

    An aluminum Weishi was my second razor, after a Gillette Tech. The Weishi is very mild, but it gives a good shave with a Feather blade. And it keeps the Feather blade from being over-aggressive.

    It was my “travel razor” until recently. No sentimental value, and if it got lost I could afford another one.

    I’d recommend it to any beginner who wasn’t set on a one-pass BBS shave.


  7. the little flying eagle is a great little tech rip off razor. that is what i got started on to see if i liked it before i invested too much money. i now use a vintage tech and it is much much better, but the old one sits in my travel bag. i paid $3 for it on ebay and it comes with the nice little metal case.


  1. […] I first started shaving with a China made Rimei 3 piece DE razor for S$4. The razor was purchase from the local flea market (Pasa Malam) around Serangoon area. The razor is light, mild and I managed to get relatively good shave out of it when I was a beginner. At S$4 a pop, this is one of the affordable and usable razor around. Budget razors such as Rimei can be used as a travel razor or something that a beginner can use to practice their skill while shopping around for better razor. For a more comprehensive review of this razor, you can read more here and here. […]

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