The New Synthetic Shave Brushes – A Summary

Artificial Badger?

A couple of weeks ago Sharpologist looked at the new generation of synthetic hair shave brushes (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5).  Here’s a summary of those posts, plus a few extra comments from the team.

We looked the previous generation of brushes, including products from Men-U, Omega, Body Shop, and Muhle.  The general consensus is that this previous generation seemed to be either too stiff or too floppy, with nothing in between.  Water retention was acceptable but no where near the level of a badger brush.

The new generation of synthetic brushes from companies like Edwin Jagger, Beauty Strokes, and Muhle show dramatic improvement in performance.  Here are some final comments from a few of the researchers:


While reviewing reactions over the last few months concerning synthetics, I have found some interesting perspectives in the traditional shaving community.   Synthetics  brushes have changed and are in the form of changing and are rapidly getting better. Technology, in the future, will continue to create more refined fibers to either mimic badger, boar, or horse, or a combination of the three in one fiber.    In fact the reality is that the natural hairs have reached their limit based on the fact that the fiber technology of animals has been fixed and will not change over time.

Many users now place synthetics into their own class, just like badger, boar and horse, and understand the differences between brands, knots, and handle types within the class. They also seem to be willing to see the pros and cons of all brushes as fair game in the selection process. This is the group of people who will continue to determine the future of synthetic development from the user standpoint. They will be driving this particular sector to improve and grow.

Yes, the technology is in place for a variety of brush lofts, knot construction, and even a variety of price points for the user to choose from.  Synthetics will take a greater place in future discussions simply due to the fact that they can be improved with each with new chemical and manufacturing fiber discovery.   One area that still needs to be addressed is more variety is needed in terms of knot / loft sizes, both in finished brushes and stand alone knots for the restoration of old brushes from more production sources.

There is a reason why every traditional shaver should be actively seeking improvement in synthetics. If the traditional shaving user community continues grows at the pace that it has the past few years, demand for natural hairs will become an issue. Supply of natural fibers will more than likely not increase, and may likely decrease due to over harvesting in certain countries, disease, and political restrictions based on an active animal rights movement. In order to supply new traditional shavers, many of whom are adverse to using animal hair, but want a high quality shaving experience, the new generation of synthetics are now the way to achieve it, and will be in the future as well. The brush manufacturers who are active in developing strong synthetic lines of brushes and knots, not just one synthetic offering, will continue to grow and develop far into the future.  Those producers that do not make this move, but remain totally entrenched totally in production using natural fibers only, will most likely suffer the shocks of loss of market share in the future.

James SanSouci:

When I first became interested in new-generation synthetic brushes, my shaving brush experience was limited to about 15 badger and boar brushes. Most of my brushes were very serviceable and recommended in brush reviews. Then, I acquired my first synthetic brushes—Mühle Black Fiber and Silvertip Fiber—and was quite impressed.

I remembered reading about synthetic brushes when I took up wet shaving seriously several years ago and was frankly, not inclined to add one to my den. The reviews I read from 2009 were hardly encouraging.

When I started with this project, I had never used a synthetic brush from the generation talked about in those reviews. Recently, I acquired a Mühle synth produced from 2003-2008, and had the opportunity to test it thoroughly. I will not review it here, but I will say that it clearly reflects the shortcomings identified in early-generation synths.

Also, when I started the project, I had only a limited concept of brush density. I had never used a truly fine, dense, high-end brush. Over the last two months, I have had an opportunity to do that, giving me additional perspective on the current generation of synthetic brushes.

New-gen synths have come a l-o-n-g way from the previous generation. They are much closer in appearance, and especially in performance, to their natural counterparts—even offering improvements over naturals in the areas of drying time, cleaning, durability, affordability and economy of use. The new synths produced by Mühle, Edwin Jagger, H.I.S., Omega and others are highly regarded by those who have used them.

During my time with the project, I have seen interest in synths grow among shavers and manufacturers alike. User comments in forums like this are shaping further developments, innovations, and prototype testing.

When the team first approached this project, we tried to address two questions:

“Have synthetics come of age?”

“Do they have qualities that are as good, or better than their natural counterparts?”

I think we all agree that the advancements over the previous generation by leading manufacturers are significant. We have also noted some areas where synthetic brushes offer improvements over natural brushes. Synthetic brushes are now legitimate additions to a shave den of which you can be proud. The best are strong competition for natural brushes.

Now that synthetic fibers are receiving new recognition, and the technology is better understood, it is not difficult to imagine that synthetics may soon surpass natural brushes in every dimension of shave brush performance.

You Turn!

Want to try a synthetic brush?  Here is your chance!  Simply leave one comment below (no multiple entries) to this post by 12:01am (CENTRAL TIME in the US) on Saturday, August 11.  You must also be a registered user of sharpologist with a valid email address (for notification)–register HERE if you are not already.  After the deadline three comments will be randomly chosen for one of the following:

Good luck!

Mark H Mark H (485 Posts)

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  1. Good luck gentleman! If I am chosen and receive the EJ, I’ll keep it; if I receive the H.I.S. I’ll pass it along to a friend, since I already bought one (based on these articles). I’m REALLY impressed with the H.I.S. so far; it’s phenomenal!

    • I think those synthetic-brushes are great. I’m a poor student and would be very happy, if i could test one by getting a free give away. Good luck for everyone

  2. D3c4dent says:

    Great series of articles! They really make you want one of these!

  3. Michael White says:

    Thanks, I appreciate the opportunity to get one of these and try it out. Should be fun

  4. The Smarch The Smarch says:

    I’ll take synthetic brushes for 200, Alex.

  5. GordonDym says:

    Having now fully embraced the wetshaving lifestyle (use my dad’s old Merkur Progress and a Gillette Superspeed), I’m eager to try using some synthetic brushes. (Most of mine have been badger, and I’m actually keen on seeing whether synthetics measure up).

    Looking forward to reading more about synthetic brushes!

  6. Gummo the Goat says:

    I recently bought and have been using two synthetic brushes. I am quite impressed with the Muhle Black Fiber and still impressed but not as much so with the new Omega one. I also tried the HIS brush, but found it too large and unweildy, so I gave it to my partner who likes using it to shave her legs.

    The only drawback I have experienced is heat retention, which is not a big factor for me. I agree with the excellent remarks by the experts above that synthetics are the wave of the future, and would not be surprised that within 10-15 years boars and badgers might have priced themselves out of existence or will no longer be in great demand because of the animal hair issue.

    I find both of my synthetics to be very good with the tallow soaps I use as well as creams.

  7. Thanks you all you guys for doing these reviews! I’ve been using a synthetic brush since I started wet shaving. I like the fact that it dries quickly, that it’s animal-friendly, and that it doesn’t take much product to make a great lather. These reviews have really helped me decide what to consider for my next brush. Hopefully I’ll win one!

  8. I enjoyed these reviews thoroughly, and they have prompted me to explore synthetic fiber brushes whereas I would not have been otherwise inclined to based on reviews of older generation products. It is good to see how far the technology has come.

  9. Thank you for the review guys!

  10. bsmyn0708 says:

    Count me in!

  11. Nice articles. I have only tried the Body Shop brush and just as you, the results were very poor. The newer generation brushes look much better.

  12. rjcantrell says:

    I’ve only ever owned a Body Shop nylon brush and, as you say, it’s pretty stiff and doesn’t retain much water. This is without a natural one to compare it to, though. Interested to hear the new ones are better!

  13. Thanks for the well written article as well as the opportunity to own one of these fine brushes!

  14. I would love to give one of these synthetics a test drive. It sounds like it might just replace one of my lower level badgers, so I commit to sending that Tweezerman along in “pay-it-forward” fashion.

  15. sethleupagus says:

    A lot of people tend to look down on synthetics as being inferior quality to others, but the new entries seem to be on par with quality badger brushes. The (relatively) cruelty-free factor appeals to me either way. I appreciate the opportunity to give one of these guys a whirl.

  16. I’d love to try out a synthetic brush. I’ve got a decent silver but it’s trying to compete with my head on hair-loss and the hairs are a bit… ‘scritchy,’ which is a word I’m making up to describe the ‘less than soft’ feeling it gives my face.

    Either way, I’d love to try something new.

  17. Would love to give a synthetic a try – have given badger and horse bristle brushes a try, but not a synthetic yet.

  18. Let the games begin! What a great way to wrap up a fantasic series. Here’s to hoping I’m chosen :)

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  20. I have been following this series with great interest. I have had good luck with two natural brushes, but really interested in finding a synthetic that works.

  21. Emanonrog says:

    Count me in, I’ve been meaning to try a synthetic brush for travel.

  22. Great series of articles! Thanks to the authors for their work.

  23. Thanks for the update on synth brushes. I see one in my future.

  24. Paul Brannan says:

    Looking forward to using a synthetic brush.

  25. A fantastic article!

  26. I’d love to give one of these a try to compare to my badger brushes!

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    Thanks for this and all other great information you provide!

  28. sharpspine sharpspine says:

    Great series of articles. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for synthetics.

  29. Don’t wet shave today but looking to take the plunge. This site has been a great resource. Hoping to get my first brush courtesy of this giveaway!

  30. These new brushes do look interesting. Currently I use an Omega 48.

    Though one thing I did do is glue one of those coin-shaped magnets to the bottom of it. This lets me hang it from the towel rack to let it dry nicely since I don’t have a brush stand.

  31. Tim McDonough says:

    I have been seriously thinking about a synth for travel; as the quicker dry-time, antibacterial properties and recent demise of my Frank’s turnback brush have stirred my brush-acquisition-disorder once again.

  32. Those synthetic brushes are the most exciting thing in shaving since a while. Thank you for the great coverage and for the contest.

  33. glitch31 says:

    Very helpful! I would love to get one.

  34. AlphaNoob says:

    So I should stop planning my wild boar hunt?

    Given my relative inexperience with wets having in general the thought of a synthetic brush does sound rather more appealing than using animal hair for a brush, however I have yet to cycle through the myriad animal species on this planet to properly give an opinion on whether natural fibers are at their peak.

    Seriously though who wouldn’t try a lion hair brush? The only true limit that is encountered in fiber collection is the ease of procurement.

  35. Count me in, I’d like to try a synthetic. I would also like to try a lion hair brush as ‘AlphaNoob’ suggested but I don’t think those will be on the market anytime soon.

  36. Congratulations to the team on an interesting, well researched and timely series of articles. I’ve been waiting over five years for synthetic brushes to come of age and I’m glad that they finally have. I also applaud the efforts of the various companies involved in the development of synthetic brushes. As I use synthetics exclusively it’s fantastic to now have so many more options as far as traditional wet shaving is concerned.

  37. astrocreep5000 says:

    Just bought another badger brush because I haven’t been willing to spend the money on a synthetic brush, although I agree with the post in that synthetic brushes can only improve whereas the quality of badger/boar/horse hair is stagnant.

  38. artyfufkin says:

    Great series of reviews. If I win one, I’ll be keeping it in rotation with my others.

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    I’ll throw my hat in the ring, and you guys have definitely made me reconsider my stance on Synthetic brushes.

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    Be glad to be one of the lucky ones to get a new synthetic.

    All the best!

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  50. jesseaknight says:

    Thanks for updating us on the continuing developments of the industry. I think casual observers think of our wet-shaving culture as “old fashioned” or “nostalgic”… but it’s nice that the industry is continuing to develop

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    Have used the Muhle black fibre and the Muhle silvertip fibre, and they are awesome brushes. Would love to try the H.I.S.

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  54. GDCarrington has been talking about the fine synthetic brushes for several months now. Makes me wonder what I’m missing. I’ve Badgers, Boars and Horse Hair brushes. I guess the time has come to think about trying a Synthetic Brush.

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    Thanks for the chance and keep up the Great work!

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  57. I’ve tried boar and badger, but never a synthetic. Am very eager to give one a shot!

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  59. These Posts have been great, definitely got me interested in trying a synthetic brush again,

    Count me in, and again great job by everyone

  60. Arnold Cohen says:

    A couple of years ago I bought an inexpensive, small synthetic brush on EBay that the seller had made by a reputable English brush maker (I think it was Vulfix). The brushes were part of some promotion or venture that went south and were sold off cheap. While it lacks most of the aesthetics of a good badger or even boar brush, it sure can lather. Since it does not require particular care and feeding it is the perfect travel brush with a small tube of cream. It’s now time to step up to something better.

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    Thanks for the opportunity and helping open some minds about this brush option!

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    I would love to get my hands on one.

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  112. Based upon the previous articles I purchased a Muhle MJM Black Fiber shaving brush. A Trumper/Vulfix brush I had gave out after about 10 years. The two brushes I replaced it with have not been satisfactory. This afforded me an opportunity to try something new.
    The new brush is better than the two I have been using. I have only used it a few times, and I feel it only will get better as I learn how to use it to its maximum potential. The rubber like grip allows the shaver to create lather easily. My shaves have been closer with the new brush.
    Thank you for your articles on this topic.

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